Shahbaz Taseer: “How Could I Live Anywhere Else?”

September 2016

Farhad Mirza interviews Shahbaz Taseer about his experience as a captive between two battlefronts, and how his faith gave him the hope he needed to survive.

Anita Khan: Behind the Hostage Detention of Bangladeshi Tahmid Hasib Khan

August 2016

Even as Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka gets back to normalcy after a deadly siege a month ago, Bangladesh wrestles with the rising specter of extremism.

Sebastian Rotella: ISIS via WhatsApp

July 2016

A trove of communications from ISIS plots and activity in Europe reveals a mix of direct control and improvisation and shows the crucial importance of encrypted messaging tools. “Detonate your belt in the crowds,” one message declared.

Raad Rahman: Psychotic Breaks Have Become a Race Privilege

June 2016

The consequences of undermining mental health needs for the ‘war on terror.’

William J. Astore: What’s the Meaning of Failure?

April 2016

A Dictionary of Euphemisms for Imperial Decline.

Nicholas Miriello: War In The Time of Selfies

March 2016

The crudely staged terror-porn of Abu Ghraib has evolved into the highly stylized and sun-kissed wartime selfie

Lisa De Bode: A Reporter’s Notebook from Molenbeek

March 2016

In the fight against extremism of all stripes, Europe has failed to transcend its capitalist roots and embrace diversity.

Ira Chernus: America’s New Vietnam in the Middle East

February 2016

A Civil War story about the Islamic State might spark a peace movement.

Rattanamol Singh: Looted

January 2016

How global theft fuels trafficking, unrest & cultural control

Tom Engelhardt: Why the Islamic State Is the Minor Leagues of Terror

January 2016

It’s time to panic!

Omar Robert Hamilton: Welcome to Lesvos

November 2015

Two weeks as a volunteer at a refugee camp in Greece.

Will I Die a Muslim?

November 2015

The repercussions of being Muslim after the Paris Attacks

Jo Comerford and Mattea Kramer: Putting Out the Syrian Fire

October 2015

Can diplomacy do what war couldn't?

Jonathan Guyer: The Dangerous Lives of Cartoonists

January 2015

Cartoonists across the Middle East denounced the Charlie Hebdo murders with work that reflects their own daily struggle against censorship and intimidation.

Tom Engelhardt: What if it Weren’t Us?

December 2014

Russians invade Afghanistan (again!), Chinese fight Iraq War (again!).

Andrew J. Bacevich: Malarkey on the Potomac

November 2014

Five bedrock Washington assumptions that are hot air.

Peter Van Buren: What Could Possibly Go Right?

November 2014

Four months into Iraq War 3.0, the cracks are showing—on the battlefield and at the Pentagon.

Tom Engelhardt: The Pressure to Escalate

November 2014

The two horsemen of the American apocalypse.

Stephen Darcy Collins: In Kobani

October 2014

ISIS and the sadistic theater of learned helplessness.

Peter Van Buren: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

October 2014

Seven worst-case scenarios in the battle with the Islamic State.

William J. Astore: Investing in Junk Armies

October 2014

Why American efforts to create foreign armies fail.

Michael Klare: Obama’s New Oil Wars

October 2014

Washington wields the oil weapon.

Tom Engelhardt: ISIS in Washington

October 2014

America’s soundtrack of hysteria.

Tom Engelhardt: Failure Is Success

October 2014

How American intelligence works in the 21st century.

Peter van Buren: Apocalypse Now, Iraq Edition

September 2014

Fighting in Iraq until hell freezes over.

Avi Asher-Schapiro: Obama’s Elephant Gun

September 2014

Is the US attacking ISIS to avoid looking the fool?

Tom Engelhardt: Power Drain

September 2014

The mystery of the 21st century in a helter-skelter world.

Tom Engelhardt: How America Made ISIS

September 2014

Their videos and ours, their “caliphate” and ours.

Patrick Cockburn: Why Washington’s War on Terror Failed

August 2014

The underrated Saudi connection.

Dahr Jamail: A Nation on the Brink

July 2014

How America's policies sealed Iraq's fate.

Michael Schwartz: It’s the Oil, Stupid!

June 2014

Insurgency and war on a sea of oil.