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Aya Aziz: How Do So Many People Fit Into A Single Nobody?

August 2016

Sara Elkamel interviews Aya Aziz about Islam, sexuality and the dimensions of the self

Raad Rahman: Psychotic Breaks Have Become a Race Privilege

June 2016

The consequences of undermining mental health needs for the ‘war on terror.’

Pico Iyer: The Kiss at Dawn

February 2016

The Kiss: In Damascus, a kiss runs even deeper than the heart

5 Queen’s Road

December 2015

A house is partitioned along the lines, and in the chaos, of the new independent nations of India and Pakistan.

Ella Boureau: Towards a Place That is Not Home

September 2015

The city of lights, migrant refugees, and gay Muslim weddings.

Ann Jones: “Farkhunda is Our Sister”

May 2015

A "martyr," a murder, and the making of a new Afghanistan?

Jonathan Guyer: The Dangerous Lives of Cartoonists

January 2015

Cartoonists across the Middle East denounced the Charlie Hebdo murders with work that reflects their own daily struggle against censorship and intimidation.

When the Waves Overturned Grief

January 2015

Ten years after the Indian Ocean tsunami, remembering normalcy and chaos in the province of Aceh.

Allah Guides to His Light Whomever He Wishes

December 2014

Religion in America: Muslim revert Kenny Irwin Jr.’s Robolights display is a fixture of Christmas in Southern California.

Shazia Yousuf: The Hidden Damage

October 2014

In the 1990s, as Kashmiri men fighting Indian occupation were tortured and killed, Kashmiri women silently suffered through a different kind of war.

Lou Dubose: Neocons Wrong Again

August 2014

For Iraq War architects like William Kristol, the answer is always "war without an end."

Kirsten O’Regan: In Turkey, Two Fights for Peace

July 2014

Battling violence against women in a divided country.

Notes for the Stage

June 2014

The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright on his relationship to Jewish artists, “the simple sense of being human,” and experiencing his work for the first time along with its audience.


July 2013

“Your father lets you dress like this?” Dinara said.

Victoria Brittain: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

June 2013

How to pre-convict and pre-punish an American Muslim.

A Lesson In Daily Longing

April 2013

On the origins of Zaytuna College, the United States’ first Muslim liberal arts institution, and the scholars and students who call it home.

David Jacobson: Dancing in the Streets of Timbuktu

February 2013

In Mali’s fight against extremists, women’s freedoms—not Islam—is the central issue.

The Prophet’s Path

February 2013

The journalist and "accidental theologist" discusses distinguishing human from legend in her latest book on the founder of Islam.

Nafeesa Syeed: Yemen’s Explosive Eid

January 2013

Holiday celebrations in a Yemeni village defy the country’s reputation.

Sebastian Rotella: Support for Mumbai Terror Group Lands Chicagoan 14-Year Prison Term

January 2013

Tahawwur Rana sentenced to 14 years in prison for working with the group involved in Mumbai terrorist attacks.

Rafia Zakaria: Fighting is Forbidden

November 2012

Recent Islamist politics have turned the holy month of Muharram into a time of battle. Facing mounting violence, Karachi enters the Muslim year 1434 as a city under siege.

Humera Afridi: Malala Yousufzai and the Bonesetter’s Alchemy

October 2012

On girls, shame, healing what’s broken, and why education is the path to creating an honorable Pakistan.

Throw Forever to the Fleas

October 2012

This was Clyde’s third Ramadan, but his first alone.

Andrew Bacevich: Boykinism

September 2012

Joe McCarthy would understand today's Islamophobia.

Aaron Labaree: Counter-Jihad Takes to the “Information Battle-space”

September 2012

A look inside Pamela Geller’s 9/11 "Stop Islamization of Nations" conference reveals apocalyptic language, racial paranoia, and surprising links to the political mainstream.

Nora Connor: The Myth of the Muslim Tide and the Search for the Moderate

September 2012

Doug Saunders's new book fights fears about “the Islamization of America” with historical and sociological fact, but slippery terminology gets in the way.

Islam and the Arab Awakening

August 2012

As Islamists across the Arab World continue to enshrine sharî’a concepts in their constitutions, noted academic Tariq Ramadan asks, are other alternatives available?

Interpreting Shari’a

May 2012

Sadakat Kadri on Muslim and Western ignorance of what Shari'a law really means--and the real concerns that should be targeted.

Heaven on Earth

April 2012

On shari'a, genies and the quest for an ancestor

Postcards from Karachi

October 2011 Poet and war correspondent Eliza Griswold reports from Pakistan on the killing of Osama bin Laden.


September 2011

The author of the lauded graphic novel Blankets discusses the influences behind his new book, the effect of 9/11 on his work, and the decline of the superhero in comics.

Nearer to Truth than History

January 2011 Reza Aslan on his groundbreaking anthology, the failure to build bridges between the West and Middle East, how poets can help, and the internet can’t.

Listen to the Banned

December 2010

Just in time for the holidays, a new CD compiles a who’s who of banned musicians from around the world.

The Earth is a Mosque

December 2010 Two New York City Muslims discuss the Islamic imperative to care for the earth.

Nazi Sheikhs

May 2010

The polemicist discusses Tariq Ramadan’s love of extremist sheikhs, Islamism’s ties to Hitler, and the intellectual confusion of liberal journalists.

Black Sheep and Exploding Turbans

May 2010

Europe is struggling to come to terms with its Muslim minority. What are the consequences of the intolerance and the violence for the continent and for literature? Paul Berman and a lauded panel chime in.

Tikkun Olam, Repairing the World

February 2009 A Muslim and a Jewish firebrand challenge their respective religions to embrace doubt, democracy, and openness.