Tag: Istanbul

Burhan Sönmez: Two Istanbuls

August 2016

Whitney Curry Wimbish speaks to the author about his latest novel that describes parallel cities.

Ed Winstead: E Pluribus Unum

June 2016

Ed Winstead talks to artist José Parlá about his new short film and finding unity through art.

The White Center

By Kaya Genç
June 2016

While neighborhoods are being redeveloped, their histories are being used to advertise their future. History has become a marketing tool. Make use of the past and create the future with it: this is familiar for a country whose national ideology is built on an endless cycle of self-invention.

Istanbul’s Wandering Songbirds

February 2016

Street vendors are outlaws by definition.

The Road to Alpullu

November 2015

I would examine the black and white photographs of Alpullu’s golden age. In their shadows, I identified the vanished town.

Jennifer MacKenzie: Waiting for Ataturk

July 2013

On Taksim, tear gas, and loving a tyrant because he feeds you.

Patrick Wrigley: Menace to Society

June 2013

The protests in Turkey, and the government’s response, highlight a problem more complex than a single micro-managing autocrat.

Nafeesa Syeed: Setting Down Roots in Istanbul’s Gezi Park

June 2013

Protestors in Istanbul are settling in to Gezi park, where the demonstrations across Turkey began.

Richard Falk: Istanbul, a Modest Proposal

November 2012

Could Istanbul be the future capital of the world?

Richard Falk: On the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations

June 2012

To solve global problems, we have to start thinking in terms of civilizations instead of than nation-states.  A dispatch from the recent Istanbul Partners Forum.