Tag: J. Malcolm Garcia

The Book Lady of Kabul

December 2015

Block by block she maneuvers through the teeming sidewalks of Kabul’s Shar-E-Naw shopping district until she enters Ice-Milk Restaurant, stops at tables.

Unwanted Alive

May 2015

Since changes to US immigration law in the ’90s, many veterans are being deported.

The Life Sentence of Dicky Joe Jackson and His Family

April 2014

In order to pay for his son Cole’s life-saving surgery, he transported meth. But he got caught.

Assad’s Castaways

May 2013

A portrait of Syria’s child-refugees in Antakya, Turkey.

Revolution Download

April 2013

Among the rebels in war-torn Syria.

J. Malcolm Garcia: Old Guns

December 2012

An antique weapons dealer in Kabul collects Kalashnikovs and nostalgia.

Pyramid Schemes

June 2011

Will witch hunts for deserters and its initial refusal to arrest Mubarak lead Egypt’s military down a blind alley of violence and tyranny?

Bed 18

January 2011

Our author was in Afghanistan to report on women who set themselves on fire to protest their social status. Then it got personal.

Fish With The King

November 2010

As Gulf fishermen are forced to work for the oil company that destroyed their livelihoods, who will train Louisiana’s next generation to fish?

The Missing

October 2010

Amina Janjua and the search for thousands of disappeared Pakistanis swept up in the U.S. and Pakistan’s “War on Terror”—in 15 scenes.

By Bread Alone

July 2010

Some Pakistanis have begun blaming Afghan immigrants for bringing “their” war into Pakistan—one Afghan baker’s story of harassment, corruption, and exile.