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The Wizard of #OWS

December 2011 The editor in chief of Adbusters on sparking the Occupy Wall Street movement and its next phase, why the president is a “f#$%ing wimp,” and his beef with David Brooks.

Jake Whitney: Will a Skeptic’s Study Confirming Global Warming Lead to a Change in the Deniers’ Talking Points?

October 2011
 Long-time climate change skeptic Richard Muller may be singing a different tune, but global warming deniers will continue to deny its dangers and that humans are fueling it.

Jake Whitney: 5 Republican Talking Points on the Economy Quickly Exploded

October 2011
 The stimulus was a failure? Taxing “job creators” will crush the economy? Think again.

Jake Whitney: Muhammad Yunus and His Bonsai People

September 2011
 A new film about Muhammad Yunus, Bonsai People may be a moving tribute to the Nobel Peace Laureate, but the Bangladeshi government isn’t showing Yunus much love.

Social Business

August 2011 Was Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus’s sacking from the microlending bank he created part of a conspiracy to discredit and force him out?

Jake Whitney: It Is Time to Stop Reporting on the Sex Lives of Politicians

June 2011
 Imagine if the public service of Eisenhower, JFK, and FDR were cut short by the media coverage of their indiscretions. Would we be better off if these men never became president? Of course not.

Jake Whitney: Why Don’t You Profit When Pharmacies Sell Your Prescription Data?

May 2011
 When, exactly, did we agree to allow others—data-mining firms, pharmaceutical companies, and who knows who else—to access personal data and profit by its dissemination?

Full Metal Racket

May 2011 The Rolling Stone reporter on his blockbuster articles, how the generals pushed Obama into a war he didn’t want to fight, and the Pentagon’s effort to tear down the wall between PR and propaganda.

Jake Whitney: Libya is Just

March 2011
 While it is nearly impossible to justify killing, all evidence suggests that more people will die if the United States doesn’t intervene. So as long as this campaign—this war—is fought to help the Libyan people, and not to advance U.S. interests, it is a just one.

Jake Whitney: The Sad, Strange Sacking of Muhammad Yunus

March 2011
 Through Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus has made entrepreneurs of beggars and community leaders of the disregarded. The very least the Bangladeshi government can do in return is let him step down when he chooses.

Jake Whitney: The Supreme Court and the Spying-on-Doctors Industry

February 2011
 What the Supreme Court will decide here is whether corporate interests trump the interests of doctors, patients, and the general public.

Jake Whitney: How Income Inequality Helped Spark the Great Recession (And Why It Isn’t Getting Any Better)

January 2011
 In case you haven’t heard, the gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. is currently wider than it’s been since the Great Depression. So, why isn’t there more support for attempting to alleviate it by taxing the rich?

Blood Without Guts

October 2010 Why fight wars our president doesn’t believe in and we can’t pay for? asks retired colonel and military historian Andrew Bacevich.

Rec Room: Jake Whitney: Paths of Glory

June 2010 The best anti-war film ever made is not Stanley Kubrick's brilliant dark comedy, Dr. Strangelove, but his 1957 masterpiece.

The 700 Club

April 2010 Skeptics cite 700 “scientists” who doubt global warming. Except few are climatologists. And Joseph Romm says they’re conducting the greatest disinformation campaign in history.

Jake Whitney: Money Talks: How Advertising Has Hurt Everyday American Life

February 2010 The effects of advertising in the U.S. conveys a powerful and disturbing message: nothing is as important as the almighty dollar.

Rec Room: Jake Whitney: “The Paranoid Style in American Politics”

February 2010 Penned in 1964 with the ‘50s political climate in mind, Hofstadter’s influential essay has an uncanny relevance today.

Taking Care of Wall Street

December 2009 The Ohio Congresswoman (and the House’s longest-serving woman) on the vested interests in our broken system, how the bailout made things worse, and if she traded earmarks for donations.

Healthcare on the Moon

October 2009 If this healthcare activist can deliver health care to the furthest corners of the developing world (and large swaths of the U.S.) why can’t Congress?

Last Temptation

August 2009 The former mouthpiece for insurance giant Cigna divulges his role in misleading the public, the emotional day that led to his whistle-blowing, and what should really scare you.

Going Too Far

June 2009 The longtime Africa correspondent discusses the Kenyan whistleblower who risked his life to end corruption, why she rejects Dambisa Moyo’s thesis about aid and democracy, and how she learned to love Paul Wolfowitz.

Aiding Is Abetting

April 2009 International author and economist on ending western aid to Africa, what Bono and Geldof don't get, and the stifling of African independence and entrepreneurship.


June 2008 The former Pfizer veep-turned-whistleblower on how the pharmaceutical industry is like the mob, the sad state of U.S. healthcare, and his fruitless attempts at finding work.

Pharmaceutical Sales 101: Inside Information

April 2006

On the buying and selling of prescription records by major drug companies and pharmacy chains

Pharmaceutical Sales 101: Me-Too Drugs

February 2006

How the drug industry cashes in on drugs of dubious benefit

Pharmaceutical Sales 101: Bagging Doctors

December 2005

The five ways drug companies entangle physicians in conflicts of interest. Part 2 of a four-part investigation.

Pharmaceutical Sales 101: M&Ms Make Friends

November 2005

Is your doctor prescribing the drugs you need or the drugs a pharmaceutical rep needs to sell? Part 1 of a 4 part investigation.