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Jamal Mahjoub: A Closer Look at The Revenant

February 2016

The depictions of Native Americans in Hollywood are still Hollywood

The Prophet’s Path

February 2013

The journalist and "accidental theologist" discusses distinguishing human from legend in her latest book on the founder of Islam.

Life Under Lockdown

August 2012

Residents of the Gaza Strip are restricted in their movements, in what they can bring into and send out of their land, even how far off their shores they can fish. Words, though, know no borders.

Jamal Mahjoub: The Half-Life of a Revolution

May 2012

Egypt's presidential election is a tremendous opportunity for the Egyptian people, but does not come without risks.

Jamal Mahjoub: Free Alaa

December 2011
 How to save one of Egypt’s most prominent anti-regime voices.


March 2011 Egyptian novelist and activist Ahdaf Soueif on when she knew the revolution would succeed, the role Al Jazeera and social networking played, and the irresponsible reporting on Lara Logan’s attack.

Black Sheep and Exploding Turbans

May 2010

Europe is struggling to come to terms with its Muslim minority. What are the consequences of the intolerance and the violence for the continent and for literature? Paul Berman and a lauded panel chime in.

There Will Be Blood

October 2009

Back in his native Sudan for the first time in years, the author observes the capital’s newfound oil wealth and argues that focusing narrowly on Darfur while ignoring the secessionist South could spell big trouble for all of Sudan.