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Join Guernica Co-Founder Joel Whitney for a Reading in Williamsburg on Dec. 18

December 2012

Guernica's own Joel Whitney will be joining novelist John Reed for a reading tomorrow, Dec. 18, in Williamsburg.

Noam Chomsky Comments on the “Kill List”

June 2012

Guernica Editor in Chief Joel Whitney tracked down Noam Chomsky to get his opinion on the President's recently revealed 'kill list.'

Joel Whitney: Celebrating One Year Since Egypt’s Uprising

January 2012
 This week marks the one-year anniversary of Egypt’s landmark protests. A new film collective reminds us of the courage that spawned it, and the work yet to do.

Video: President Obama’s Osawatomie Speech

December 2011
 Video footage of what Robert Reich calls Obama’s most important speech on the economy

Joel Whitney: #OccupyWallStreet’s Declaration

September 2011
 #OccupyWallStreet releases a declaration to the media.

Joel Whitney: NYPD Blues: Why Thuggishness Helps OccupyWallStreet

September 2011
 Protestors contrast their own nonviolence with the brash violence of the state to draw public sympathy.

Joel Whitney: Save Troy Davis: Judge’s Email

September 2011
 Others have posted the phone number. Here is the email address of the judge who can allegedly prevent Davis’s execution.

Joel Whitney: Over-Educated?

September 2011
 The generation just out of college has done some cool stuff, but it hasn’t cured cancer.

Joel Whitney: Mac McClelland’s Burma Refugee Diary

March 2011
 As momentum builds for Security Council action, McClelland’s riveting debut shines a light on the characters behind the Karen refugee crisis, and reminds us of the need for more international attention on Burma.

For a Coming Extinction

February 2011

The U.S. poet laureate, W.S. Merwin, discusses his role in the antiwar movement, the quagmire of U.S. military occupations, today’s extinction rate, and efforts to conserve nature on Maui.

Video: Aung San Suu Kyi will review sanctions on Burma

January 2011
 In a new interview with Ann Curry, Burmese opposition icon Aung San Suu Kyi signals her party will finally reexamine the efficacy of sanctions. Guernica editor Joel Whitney explains why Burma sanctions, and sanctions in general, may soon become obsolete.

Zoya Phan: Don’t You Dare Lift Sanctions on Burma

January 2011
 Karen-Burmese author/activist Zoya Phan worries that an ascendant Aung San Suu Kyi might get assassinated, chides nostalgia for pre-colonial Burma, where minorities were oppressed, and calls sanctions busters naive or stupid.

Listen to the Banned

December 2010

Just in time for the holidays, a new CD compiles a who’s who of banned musicians from around the world.

Droning On

October 2010

From stepped up drone attacks, backsliding on torture, the Afghan surge, has Obama doubled down on Bush’s bets? Editor Joel Whitney interviews Tariq Ali on his new book. Recorded live at Asia Society.

The Obama Syndrome: What Has Really Changed?

September 2010
 The Asia Society presents a live interview with Tariq Ali and Guernica editor Joel Whitney on Friday, September 17, on Obama's foreign policy and the legacy of Bush.

Rec Room: Joel Whitney: Reason Magazine’s Hit and Run Blog

June 2010 Ah, the moral courage of opinion journalists, fighting against censorship, multiculturalists and cowardly liberals like me!

Sanctioning Disaster

June 2010

The Burma expert defends aid, diplomacy, and “understanding” Burma’s dictators in order to improve human rights, sway softliners, and save lives.

Rec Room: Joel Whitney: Alain de Botton’s Twitter Page

May 2010 Alain de Botton has humanized the mechanical beast that is Twitter.

Nazi Sheikhs

May 2010

The polemicist discusses Tariq Ramadan’s love of extremist sheikhs, Islamism’s ties to Hitler, and the intellectual confusion of liberal journalists.

Black Sheep and Exploding Turbans

May 2010

Europe is struggling to come to terms with its Muslim minority. What are the consequences of the intolerance and the violence for the continent and for literature? Paul Berman and a lauded panel chime in.

Rec Room: Joel Whitney: PS122

May 2010 Experimental theater at its most edgy and self-assured.

The Diversity Test

April 2010

Why were there only 8 women on the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels of the Twentieth Century? Why is only 3% of the literature Americans read in translation?

Rec Room: Joel Whitney: An Image from the White Rose

April 2010 Nobody loves spam. But what if the spam is to bring down Adolph Hitler?

Wendell Potter Reacts to the Passing of the Health Care Reform Bill

March 2010 Guernica editors Joel Whitney and Michael Archer recently emailed Wendell Potter, former mouthpiece for Cigna and ubiquitous healthcare commentator, about passage of the legislation.

Rec Room: Joel Whitney: Why Translation Matters

March 2010 Look out for Edith Grossman’s essay on the joys and travails of translating Don Quixote.

Rec Room: Joel Whitney: Burma VJ

March 2010 This Oscar-nominated documentary is one of those works where the process of making it is as extraordinary as the film itself.

Joel Whitney: Haitian History As Told by Madison Smartt Bell

February 2010 A truthier take on Haiti’s past.

Rec Room: Joel Whitney: Antenna

January 2010 Video: Sonic Youth’s Antenna.

Joel Whitney: Noam Chomsky: The Point Stands—Nick Cohen is a Maniac Who Never Cites Sources

January 2010

In asking Chomsky what I thought was a provocative challenge question, I’m afraid I gave Cohen too much credit.

Rec Room: Joel Whitney: Andrew Sullivan

December 2009 Sullivan stuns, satisfies, and raises some important questions.

Rec Room: Joel Whitney: The Idea of Justice

November 2009 Sen’s work can be applied to so many debates going on around us, which he wisely leaves to us.

Chomsky Half Full

November 2009

The controversial critic of U.S. foreign policy discusses his forthcoming book, the hypocrisy of neoliberalism, where he feels hopeful about democracy despite U.S. terrorism, and his friendship—okay, passing acquaintance—with Hugo Chavez and other “pink tide” presidents.

Staff Pick: Joel Whitney

October 2009 Remembering Mercedes Sosa.

Wise Latina

October 2009

The genre- and language-blending Mexican-American singer discusses “Indian-ness,” making music in the land of cultural chameleons, and says she may never be hip in the U.S. But her songs might be the most eloquent response yet to the likes of Joe “You Lie” Wilson.

Staff Pick: Joel Whitney

September 2009 Eighty years of Sartoris: what Faulkner and García Márquez have in common.

Staff Pick: Joel Whitney

July 2009 This Harper’s article describes how the system is so deliberately skewed to deny accountability that we began to conflate economic fantasy with reality, to the point where now we can hardly distinguish our own spin.

Staff Pick: Joel Whitney

July 2009 On the life and mysterious death of a legendary wildlife filmmaker in Africa.

In My Place

July 2009

Pakistan’s dynasty-bashing heir apparent, Fatima Bhutto, discusses how Obama and corruption legitimize the Taliban, her work to include women in Pakistani politics, and why she will never run for office (it’s not why you think).

Staff Pick: Joel Whitney

June 2009 Synecdoche New York is a brilliant film that is sad, strange, illuminating, funny, epic, and totally original.

The Genocide Myth

May 2009 In his latest book, Mamdani attacks the Save Darfur Coalition as ahistorical and dishonest, and argues that the conflict in Darfur is more about land, power, and the environment than it is directly about race.

Farmers and Chickens

March 2009 The ICC’s lead prosecutor on the Court’s first arrest warrant for a sitting head of state, why his Court is nobody’s instrument but the law’s, and how he got his mother to see the light.

The Limits to My Self-Importance

January 2009 The neo-conservative who coined “axis of evil” on how writing for the president is like writing for the movies, the administration’s “departures from the law,” and why the president should have brought in Democrats.

Baghdad Nights

November 2008 What can a California geographer possibly teach us about the American troop surge and ethnic cleansing in Iraq?

How Soft is Smart

October 2008 The author and statesman on the definition of soft power, why it's imperative to getting what a country wants, and which presidential candidate is better equipped to use it.

Powerful Acts

July 2007 The actress cum activist on her campaign to end genocide in Darfur, and how China, Steven Spielberg and Kofi Annan have stood in her way


February 2007 Islam’s toughest critic on her new book, the Axis of Evil, and the neoconservatives’ moral high ground

George Saunders: Dig the Hole

August 2006 The acclaimed author on science fiction, collaborating with Ben Stiller, and how Ayn Rand almost made him an architect.

The Devil’s Advocate

December 2005

The former deputy assistant attorney general on his new book, the Geneva Conventions and the legal case for torture

Telling Details

September 2005 Banks discusses his time in Students for a Democratic Society, finding a narrator's voice, and his (brief) acting career.

Jose Padilla? Indict Him Already

August 2005 Newman discusses Padilla's case, his state of mind and why the Bush administration's position sets an ugly precedent.

The Distance Between Us

August 2005 The author of Everything is Illuminated, on the verge of a film release and an opera debut, talks about his new book.

Nicholas Kristof: The Crisis of Our Times

June 2005 "What I learned from him was that you could perhaps better tell the story of a place by writing of a tiny village as a sort of prism into the bigger issues the culture was facing."

Samantha Power: Witness to Genocide

May 2005 "The only long-term way that the terrorist threat will be neutralized is to improve human dignity, and shore up failed states like Afghanistan, like Darfur, so that they don’t become a breeding ground for more people hostile to the United States."

Oscar Arias Sánchez: President of Peace

May 2005 As he gears up for another term as president, Costa Rica’s Oscar Arias talks about waging peace, winning the Nobel, and quips, “Al Qaeda has received a great deal of support and training over the years from the U.S. What’s important about mentioning these connections is to prevent the same mistake from being repeated again.”

The Fragile Scaffolding of Human Rights

January 2005 "Terrorists act as they do because they don't have great power at their easy disposal. The result is that they rely upon the ability to exploit the mistakes of others."

On Translating the Prince of Wits

January 2005 "Yes, I think we have to be faithful to the context," says the translator of the Quijote. "But it's very important to differentiate between fidelity and literalness."

The Hard-To-Say

October 2004 "Poetry articulates and enacts the difficult-to-say, the half-known; it finds a music and a shape, offers an arrangement of words and sentences that better approximate the way things are."

A People’s History of Howard Zinn

October 2004 "Historians hate to make predictions."