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This Machine Called the Camera

June 2016

The photographer of Tiananmen Square’s “Tank Man” on creating art that “gets inside you.”

Anneke Rautenbach: In Deference to the Headmaster

April 2016

Is sponsored content the death of journalism?

Up in Arms

February 2016

The artist and journalist on reporting from Guantánamo Bay and Syria, glamor as a subversive power, and neutrality and boredom as weapons of the state.

Richard Falk: Subjectivity and Wartime Journalism

August 2015

When objectivity is biased.

Jonathan Weisman: The Journalist as Novelist

August 2015

Jonathan Weisman on his new novel No. 4 Imperial Lane and a family history that might make you feel better about your own.

Waving, Not Drowning

August 2015

The New Yorker writer on the politics of surfing, reporting from war zones, and the “weird genre” of memoir.

American Slaughterhouse

May 2015

The journalist on the myriad ills of the meat trade, the plight of migrant workers, and the twin missions of journalism and poetry.

Robin Hemley: When You Put it That Way

February 2015

On meeting fugitive Nehanda Abiodun in Cuba, on crossing other borders.

Kaya Genç: The Keys to the Kingdom

October 2014

In his new book, Owen Jones doesn’t convince with his conspiratorial theory of a neoliberal British Establishment, but he makes a vivid case for the disastrous effects of that ideology.

Ed Winstead: Empire of Sighs

September 2014

American Empires: The talking heads are giving us bad information. So why are we still listening?

Rachel Somerstein: The Selective Memory of 9/11 Iconography

September 2014

Photos are how we remember. The 9/11 images we no longer see are growing gaps in our collective memory.

Yasmin El-Rifae: The Air Was Hot with Hysterical Nationalism

August 2014

A year after the Raba’a massacre in Cairo, one writer struggles to redraw her relationship to the city.

Tom Engelhardt: The Golden Age of Journalism?

January 2014

What if it's not a decline in (print) journalism, but a rebirth of new (new) journalism?

Nick Turse: The Classic Military Runaround

July 2013

If you're reporting on the U.S. military, always expect evasion.

Roz Bernstein: My Esquire

June 2013

Looking back at Norman Mailer, Diane Arbus, Tom Wolfe, and the magazine that brought them all together.

Todd Gitlin: Is the Press Too Big to Fail?

April 2013

It’s dumb journalism, stupid.

Heart of the Dataset

January 2013

The data journalist and designer on the balance between content and beauty

The Monkeyman of Delhi

October 2012

Aman Sethi consults a troubled storyteller about the terrifying urban legends proliferating among Delhi's displaced urban poor.

Roger D. Hodge: The Personality of a Magazine

September 2012

Newly minted Oxford American editor Roger D. Hodge discusses the role of an editor, finding a form, and the newsstand's allure.

Justin Elliott: Watergate Journalist Carl Bernstein Spoke at Event Supporting Iranian ‘Terrorist’ Group

September 2012

Bernstein was paid $12,000 for remarks in which he challenged the State Department to show evidence the Mujahadin-e Khalq should still be designated a terrorist organization.

Robert Reich: How Romney Keeps Lying Through His Big White Teeth

August 2012

How are patently false statements permissible in political ads?

Jina Moore: Colorado, Gun Control and the Great American Malaise

July 2012

Can we afford to be this cynical?

Never Enough

April 2012

The great eater, writer, and humorist Calvin Trillin remembers when journalism wasn't so respectable.

Danny Thiemann: In Syria, “Holding a Camera is a Death Sentence”

March 2012

Danny Thiemann interviews the founders of the Syrian citizen-journalist movement.


November 2011 Israeli journalist Amira Hass on the next Palestinian uprising and her attempts to cut through propaganda to get at the truths of the lives next door.

Watch: Rumsfeld confronted as war criminal for humanitarian deaths

May 2009 Is this a fair use of freedom of speech? Or just obnoxious? Is Donald a war criminal?