Tag: judaism

Sophie Unterman: Of Course, Survivors Are Free

August 2016

A writer accompanies her grandmother on a journey through sites of Holocaust remembrance.

My Father’s Aleppo

April 2016

An exodus, a return, and the questions that follow.

Sigal Samuel: The Mystics of Mile End

March 2016

Claire Schwartz interviews Sigal Samuel about Kabbalah, queer Jews, and religion as literature.

Joshua Tranen: On Extremism and the Control of Bodies

August 2015

Two acts of terrorism stir up memories of the West Bank and homophobia.

Lou Dubose: Our Man in Havana

December 2014

Marco Rubio is wrong; Alan Gross was no hostage.

Whole Self Movement

December 2014

Religion in America: The transgender rabbi on religious rituals, gender fluidity, and the language of LGBTQ inclusion.

Notes for the Stage

June 2014

The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright on his relationship to Jewish artists, “the simple sense of being human,” and experiencing his work for the first time along with its audience.

Necessary Evil

January 2014

Think of your being a Jew in terms of having been born with clubfoot: unfortunate, of course, but not the end of the world.

The World Without You

June 2012

He’s mopping at his pelvis with a wadded-up tissue, and then he’s mopping her up as well. Already the backs of her thighs are caking up.

From Until the Dawn’s Light

October 2011 “What attracts you to the Jews?” Blanca asked her.

Tikkun Olam, Repairing the World

February 2009 A Muslim and a Jewish firebrand challenge their respective religions to embrace doubt, democracy, and openness.