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Justin Elliott: Cuomo Reverses Email Purge Policy

June 2015

Following outcry, aides to the New York governor announced that emails will no longer be automatically deleted after ninety days.

Senator Demands Answers on Red Cross’ Finances

January 2015

Prompted by an investigation by ProPublica and NPR, Senator Charles Grassley asks the charity to explain how it has used donations from the public.

Jesse Eisinger and Justin Elliott: Occupy Wall Street, the Red Cross and Hurricane Sandy

December 2014

Red Cross officials had no concerns about Occupy Sandy's effectiveness.

Justin Elliott and Jesse Eisinger: Long After Sandy, Red Cross Post-Storm Spending Still a Black Box

April 2014

Donors gave $312 million after the storm, but it’s not clear how exactly the money was spent.

Justin Elliott: Presidential Panel Tells NSA to Stop Undermining Encryption

December 2013

The government agency comes under fire for its attempts to undercut the protection of privacy.

Justin Elliott and Theodoric Meyer: Claim of “Attacks Thwarted” by NSA Spreads Despite Lack of Evidence

October 2013

The oft-cited number is 54, but there’s no evidence that it is accurate.

Justin Elliott: Does the NSA Tap That?

July 2013

What we still don’t know about the agency’s internet surveillance.

Kim Barker & Justin Elliott: Six Facts Lost in the IRS Scandal

May 2013

Amid the outrage, the big picture of social welfare nonprofits is easily forgotten.

Justin Elliott: House Finance Chair Hensarling Goes on Ski Vacation with Wall Street

May 2013

A getaway with Hensarling, whose committee oversees Wall Street and its regulators, is an invaluable opportunity for industry lobbyists.

Justin Elliott: Drilling Deeper

March 2013

Obama’s energy pick has a wealth of business connections.

Justin Elliott: U.N. Think Tank Opening Office in Bahrain, with Bahraini Government Funding

March 2013

Can groups advocate for peace and justice while accepting money from authoritarian governments?

Justin Elliott: Big Corporations Put Up Seed Funding for Republican Dark Money Group

February 2013

The mortgage-lender backed nonprofit styles itself as a "social welfare" group but funds attack ads and redistricting initiatives.

Justin Elliott: Obama’s Flip-Flops on Money in Politics

February 2013

Four years, four reversals on dark money.

Justin Elliott: America’s Arms Sales To Bahrain Amid Bloody Crackdown

January 2013

As Bahrain's government stifles dissent, the US supplies them with military hardware.

Justin Elliott: How a Government Report Spread a Questionable Claim About Iran

January 2013

Dubious sources lead to a vast overestimation of Iran's intelligence agency.

Justin Elliott: Have U.S. Drones Become a ‘Counterinsurgency Air Force’ for Our Allies?

November 2012

Micah Zenko talks about the uncertain motives underlying US drone policy.

Justin Elliott: From Russia with PR

November 2012

Several pro-Russian op-eds are revealed to actually have been written by a PR firm employed by the Russian government.

Justin Elliott: Watergate Journalist Carl Bernstein Spoke at Event Supporting Iranian ‘Terrorist’ Group

September 2012

Bernstein was paid $12,000 for remarks in which he challenged the State Department to show evidence the Mujahadin-e Khalq should still be designated a terrorist organization.

Justin Elliott: Lobbyist-linked Group Footed Bill for Rep. Burton’s Bahrain Trip

August 2012

The Bahrain American Council says it doesn’t have any lobbyists on its staff. But it sure is close to them.