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Murder in Uniform

June 2015

Kashmir’s most infamous “fake encounter” leaves five families desperate for justice.

Shazia Yousuf: The Hidden Damage

October 2014

In the 1990s, as Kashmiri men fighting Indian occupation were tortured and killed, Kashmiri women silently suffered through a different kind of war.

The Torturable Class

February 2014

When it comes to Kashmir, India acts as a police state, holding even speech hostage. Why this obsession with narrative control?

Mirza Waheed: An Elegy Sung by Apparitions

January 2014

On the Djinns of Kashmir.

Stone Wars

August 2013

In the disputed territory of Kashmir, civilians wage a battle without modern weapons against “the idea of domination.”

Impunity in India

February 2013

Major Avtar Singh of the Indian Army’s counterinsurgency in Kashmir killed dozens. India refused to punish him. So did Canada and the U.S., where he killed his family and committed suicide.

Ashwaq Masoodi: How I Learned to Write Obituaries

January 2013

Growing up in Kashmir, in proximity to death.

Fear and Framing in Kashmir

May 2011 The filmmaker Tariq Tapa on growing up Jewish and Muslim in New York, saying the unsayable, and the future of horror films.

To Conquer Her Land

February 2011 The few women in the Indian army are battling not only against their country’s enemies but also against poverty, patriarchy, and loneliness.

The Un-Victim

February 2011 In the wake of sedition threats by the Indian government, the writer and activist describes the stupidest question she gets asked, the cuss-word that made her respect the power of language, and the limits of preaching nonviolence.