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Hard Wired

March 2013

On the evolution of Internet bullying, resilience of underdogs, and the promise of today’s teens.

Editors’ Picks: September Recommended Reading

September 2012

Our editors highlight some worthy books to start off the fall.

Guernica at the PEN 2011 Literary Awards

October 2011
  “Well, you better stop crying and start writing.”

Parts and Partial

September 2011

You thought feminists had to focus on empowering women? Stephanie Coontz on why, after a sustained assault on families and unions, that just isn't enough anymore.

Guernica Essay “Lucky Girl” Chosen for Best American Essays 2011

May 2011
  From the stark lines that close its opening paragraph: “I used the pink foam. My period was late,” senior editor Katherine Dykstra knew “Lucky Girl” was perfect for Guernica.

Stephanie Staal: Taking Feminism’s Pulse

February 2011
  A conversation with Staal, author of the new book Reading Women: How the Great Books of Feminism Changed My Life, on Susan Faludi’s accusations in Harper’s of feminism’s ritual matricide, the health of the movement, and whether Sarah Palin should be attaching herself to it.

Rec Room: Katherine Dykstra: New Orleans Jazz

April 2010

These big brass records are the heartbeat of HBO’s new show Treme.

Rec Room: Katherine Dykstra: Nothing Right

March 2010

Each of the women in these short stories are realistically drawn.

Rec Room: Katherine Dykstra: The Pride

March 2010

That the conversations about The Pride have mostly been concerning the confusion about the story’s setting is a shame, as the ideas that drive the play are important.

Rec Room: Katherine Dykstra: Irm

February 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck’s combined sound and energy is a complete success.

Rec Room: Katherine Dykstra: The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2009

January 2010

The writers’ wise observations make this collection worthwhile.

Rec Room: Katherine Dykstra: Tim Burton

January 2010

For the lovers of dark magic, Tim Burton’s strange and unusual world awaits you at MoMA...

On the Emancipation of Women

January 2010

Just as the 1800s were ripe for the abolition of slavery, this century will bring forces to bear on freeing women from violence, slavery, and oppression.

Rec Room: Katherine Dykstra: Push

October 2009

Hard to read, but well worth the pain.

Staff Pick: Katherine Dykstra

August 2009 Colson Whitehead takes us through teen-aged Benji’s coming of age over a partially-unsupervised summer at Sag Harbor in 1985.

Staff Pick: Katherine Dykstra

August 2009

My friend said The Hurt Locker had been called the most realistic Iraq war film made thus far. And I believe her.

Staff Pick: Katherine Dykstra

July 2009 From its playful beginning to its horrific climax and heartening denouement, the acting, the music, the dialogue in Ruined all work together to achieve a story as politically powerful as it is simple.

Staff Pick: Katherine Dykstra

July 2009 In this film, the director uses her father, First Amendment attorney Martin Garbus, as a lens through which to explore four freedom of speech cases tried over the course of American history.

Staff Pick: Katherine Dykstra

June 2009 The short stories in Nothing Right all revolve around midwestern women in complicated relationships, both familial and romantic.

Cracked, Not Shattered

August 2008

The congresswoman and author on the impact of Hillary's candidacy and the utter shortsightedness of voting for McCain; plus, the next big goal for women, and the importance of supportive fathers.