Tag: Katrina

Rebecca Worby: Expanding the Story

June 2016

What I Learned as a New Yorker in Resilient New Orleans.

Sarah Smith: After Mississippi Flooding, Red Cross Stumbles Again

May 2016

The director of Mississippi’s Emergency Management Agency called the Red Cross’ disaster response “marginal at best.”

David Morris: A Stormy Reminder of Why We Need Government

October 2012

Sandy has been a vivid reminder of the role of Government.


August 2012

They were followed by a group in tropical wear, slipping and sliding, trying to prevent their ill-fitting thong sandals from flying off. A smaller group had chosen winter wear, rolling up the block like juiced up ticks, draped in coats and jackets.

Student Fiction From New Orleans

September 2009

The following fiction was written by students in the New Orleans area
as part of our
New Orleans Special Issue.


The Dead Man

by Adam Gnuse

There wasn’t all too much left of the dead man besides the bones and what must have been his belt buckle. His skull was still intact, but one of his arms was broken and he was missing most of his fingers and toes. He lay underneath one of the large, draping branches of the trees surrounding the sandpit, right outside the clearing we used. Even with the corpse lying in the shadows, it was a perfect hangout; on the river side of the levee, in the batture by the water’s edge, we were free from any adults trying to assert their authority over us. Besides, we had grown to like the dead man and had begun to treat him like he was one of us. We avoided pissing on him and sometimes, we would even pretend to hold conversations with him. We would tell him jokes, ask if he “boned” any girls lately, or maybe just pass him a joe.

Once, after a few hits and beers, a girl and I were …