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The White Center

By Kaya Genç
June 2016

While neighborhoods are being redeveloped, their histories are being used to advertise their future. History has become a marketing tool. Make use of the past and create the future with it: this is familiar for a country whose national ideology is built on an endless cycle of self-invention.

Istanbul’s Wandering Songbirds

February 2016

Street vendors are outlaws by definition.

Kaya Genç: Windows in the House of History

November 2014

Hilary Mantel’s The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher offers the same lesson to matter public and private: it could always have been otherwise.

Kaya Genç: The Keys to the Kingdom

October 2014

In his new book, Owen Jones doesn’t convince with his conspiratorial theory of a neoliberal British Establishment, but he makes a vivid case for the disastrous effects of that ideology.

Kaya Genç: Turkey’s Unofficial Referendum

August 2014

On Sunday, Turkey will elect a president by direct popular vote for the first time, choosing between drastically different visions for their political system.

Kaya Genç: The Self-Inventions of Modernity

March 2014

On Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar's great satire of Turkish modernization, The Time Regulation Institute.

Kaya Genç: The Political Color Wheel

November 2013

In Turkey, different colors have long been associated with particular beliefs. Most recently, a rainbow coalition has spread across the country.

Kaya Genç: Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth

November 2012

McEwan's new novel raises questions of artistic independence.

Kaya Genç: Our Grand Young Filmmaker

June 2012

Memories of director Seyfi Teoman, whose two feature films drove Turkish film for two decades.

Kaya Genc: Conrad’s First Novel & His Personal Record

February 2012
  It’s about time to revive the great modernist’s digressive autobiography about language and writing.