Tag: language

Rachel Hall: Mother Tongue

June 2016

On what a dying language leaves behind.

Distant Brains

March 2016

Future of Language: Scientists are experimenting with ways for people to communicate using only their minds. But at what cost?

What Makes Alaska Alaska

March 2016

Future of Language: The Native language activists discuss cultural incubation, intergenerational learning, and the role of legislation.

Thick of Tongue

March 2016

Future of Language: So what exactly is this “black sound” I am insisting exists?

The Footsteps of Dance Poetry

March 2016

Future of Language: Our human identity has been described as atoms dancing, a living poem, a moving message…

Elisa Gabbert: Can Ideas Withstand Shifts in Language?

March 2016

Future of Language: Considering the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis for translation, emoji, and pop culture.

To Anyang

February 2016

Lost for words in the cradle of Chinese civilization.

Juliana Farha: Crushed

December 2015

To occupy words.

Burrow Down

August 2015

The Welsh novelist on badger baiting, human resonance in the natural world, and why he holds his breath while writing.

Juan Villoro: Violence-Meter

June 2015

The acclaimed Mexican author confronts the normalization of violence.

Michelle Dove: Alt Vices

January 2015

Flash Fiction: When I feel a human-sized void, is it instinctual that I fill it with a human?

Inhabiting Language

January 2015

The award-winning Catalan writer on political attempts to repress his native language, inventing stories to tell the truth, and the powers and pitfalls of memory.

Diana Bruk: A Russian Jewish American Christmas

January 2014

In the wake of the holiday season, reflections on a polyglot Christmas.

Tom Engelhardt: The Etiquette of War and Surveillance

October 2013

Colonel Manners demystifies national security etiquette for the masses.

Tara Isabella Burton: Fatherlands

January 2013

I looked at real estate in cities I'd never been to, just in case.

Erika Anderson: Apocalist

December 2012

From snowpocalypse to foie-mageddon, what’s behind our new obsession with end-times word endings?"

Rebecca Solnit: Our Words Are Our Weapons

October 2012

Our political language is in desperate need of a change.

Meakin Armstrong: The War and the Word Games

January 2007

Much of that Presidential power comes from proper use of words: “We have nothing to fear but ____ (finish the sentence).” “The buck stops ____” “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this ___.”