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Lauren Kirchner: Wisconsin Court: Warning Labels Are Needed for Scores Rating Defendants’ Risk of Future Crime

July 2016

The court said judges can look at the scores – so long as their limitations are made clear.

Brooklyn Bound

June 2016

The fight to extradite El Chapo.

In Defense Of

April 2015

The “people’s lawyer” on her most controversial criminal defense cases—including the one that sent her to prison.

Annie Waldman: Connecticut Schools Pin Down and Restrain ‘Staggering’ Number of Kids

February 2015

A new state report found one public school student was restrained more than 700 times in one year.

When a Patient’s Death is Broadcast Without Permission

January 2015

The ABC television show NY Med filmed Mark Chanko’s final moments without the approval of his family."

Abbie Nehring: How Universities Fail Sexual Assault Victims

July 2014

A round up of cases and coverage that show the persistence of sexual violence at colleges.

Joaquin Sapien: Attorney General Requires Recording of Interrogations, Unlike New York City

May 2014

Holder orders that federal agents must record interrogations.

Robert Reich: The Vicious Cycle of Concentrated Wealth and Political Power

April 2014

The Supreme Court's McCutcheon decision exacerbates a preexisting vicious cycle.

Nina Martin: In Healthcare Suit Against Catholic Bishops, the Specter of an Early Defeat

March 2014

The ACLU’s case against the U.S. Bishops Conference could be thwarted on procedural grounds.

Ann Neumann: Whole Body Burning

March 2014

American South: Who gets executed in America, and where, and how—is changing.

Michael Grabell: U.S. Lags Behind World in Temp Worker Protections

February 2014

Permatemping cases highlight lack of U.S. protections for temp workers.

Sebastian Rotella: Dos Erres Commander Sentenced

February 2014

A conviction in the case of the Dos Erres massacre.

Jeremy Brecher: Discovering a Legal Tool to Curb Climate Change

January 2014

A legal argument for climate protection based on the vitality of future generations.

Stephen Engelberg: A Simple Fix

April 2013

Should New York compel judges to report problem prosecutors?

Cora Currier: Despite New Pardons, Obama’s Clemency Rate is Still Lowest in Recent History

March 2013

The president has exercised his pardoning power less frequently than his four immediate predecessors.

Stephen Engelberg: Sheldon Adelson’s Casino Company Stirs Fresh Questions With Admission It ‘Likely’ Broke Federal Law

March 2013

The staff of one of the world's richest men may have broken anti-bribery laws, but questions remain as to which transactions are at issue.

The Minority Report of David Powell

March 2013

The story behind a landmark case that transformed death penalty trials in the U.S.

Suevon Lee: Five Federal Policies on Guns You’ve Never Heard Of

January 2013

It's not just states that have relaxed gun laws. Federal lawmakers have come up with a few of their own.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee: The End of Guns

December 2012

We don’t have to imagine what a nation cleansed of guns would look like—plenty of other countries can show us. One writer recalls her year in gun-less South Korea.

Suevon Lee: Voting Rights Act: The State of Section 5

August 2012

A provision of the Voting Rights Act, which requires districts with a history of suppressing minority votes to get federal approval of new voting laws, may be headed to the Supreme Court.

David Morris: Texas Judge Rules The Sky Belongs To Everyone

August 2012

Has the fight against climate change just taken a monumental step forward?

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy: America Doesn’t Need Another CREEP

May 2012

Watergate led to a grassroots effort to clean up Washington. In the wake of Citizens United, and with the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Watergate scandal, is it time to act again?

David L. Hudson Jr.: The Heckler’s Veto at School

April 2012

How a picture of an astronaut set off a court case over student free speech rights.

Trans-Formative Change

March 2011 America’s first openly transgender law professor on the power of zines, the sacrifice social movements require, and the limits of legal reform.

Jose Padilla? Indict Him Already

August 2005 Newman discusses Padilla's case, his state of mind and why the Bush administration's position sets an ugly precedent.