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Lois Beckett: How Much Could Obama’s Gun Moves Affect Gun Violence?

January 2016

Nobody knows if simply explaining current law more clearly will save lives.

Lois Beckett: Fact-Checking Feinstein

September 2014

The senator says 'the evidence is clear: the ban worked.'

Lois Beckett: Gun Control Groups Rethink Assault Weapons Ban

September 2014

A decade after the ban expired, gun control groups say that focusing on other policies will save more American lives.

Lois Beckett: Democrats Push to Restart CDC Funding for Gun Violence Research

May 2014

Would universal background checks—the most popular and prominent gun control policy proposal—actually reduce gun violence?

Lois Beckett: Why Don’t We Know How Many People Are Shot Each Year in America?

May 2014

Gun murders have decreased in recent years, but is it because of a drop shootings, or an improvement in the number of victims that E.R. doctors can save?

Lois Beckett: Republicans Say No to CDC Gun Violence Research

April 2014

Giving the CDC money for gun violence research is a “request to fund propaganda,” a Georgia congressman says.

Lois Beckett: Why Hospitals Are Failing Civilians Who Get PTSD

March 2014

What happens when civilians soldier on.

Lois Beckett: The PTSD Crisis That’s Being Ignored

February 2014

Not all trauma happens in Afghanistan.

Lois Beckett: Now, You Can’t Ban Guns at the Public Pool

June 2013

The latest victory in a long-standing push to deny cities the power to regulate guns.

Lois Beckett: Kansas Gov. Insists it’s OK to Ignore Federal Gun Laws

May 2013

Governor Sam Brownback rejects Washington's argument that his state's gun laws are blatantly unconstitutional.

Lois Beckett: Nullification

May 2013

How states are making it a felony to enforce federal gun laws.

Lois Beckett: Senator Pushes for Investigation of ‘False Statements’ by Dark Money Groups

April 2013

Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse, of Rhode Island, is calling for the Justice Department to do what the IRS won’t.

Lois Beckett: Voter Information Wars

April 2013

Will the GOP team up with Wal-Mart’s data specialist?

Lois Beckett: Everything We Know About What Data Brokers Know About You

March 2013

Companies sell information related to life events—like pregnancies and divorces—social media profiles, and in some cases even health “interests.”

Lois Beckett: Will Democrats Sell Your Political Opinions to Credit Card Companies?

February 2013

The party weighs whether to sell voter information to those who would put it to commercial use.

Lois Beckett: In Minnesota, Democractic Grandmas Gather Data About Their Neighbors

January 2013

Campaign volunteers feed information into ever-expanding voter databases.

Lois Beckett: Pandora Asks Listeners to Share Their Emails With Romney

August 2012

Don't harass me on my email, don't stalk me on the apps that I use, says Crystal Harris after receiving a pop-up message asking her to share her email with the Romney campaign.