Tag: los angeles

Lauren Elizabeth Neal: Lost in Transit

July 2016

NIMBYism, racial fear, and class politics: the struggles of trying to connect the divided Los Angeles.

Piotr Florczyk: Taking The Long Way Home

June 2016

An Immigrant father-to-be ponders what homeland means to him, and what it might mean to his daughter.

David L. Ulin: Trespass

June 2016

The Future of Cities: What it means to enter a place.

Death of a Valley

October 2015

In 1953, California sacrificed a town to stave its own thirst. But the act was futile, and the state is thirstier than ever.

Danniel Schoonebeek: Excerpts From C’est la guerre

July 2015

A poet chronicles a backstage view of America by rail.

Annie Waldman: LA and New York Schools Deny Physically Restraining Students

December 2014

All school districts in the country are required to tell the federal government how many times kids have been restrained in their schools. But some districts aren’t following through.

The Loneliest and Saddest Kind

February 2014

A trio of unlikely housemates navigates celibacy in sex-sopped Venice Beach.

Abigail Sindzinski: Old Designs, Brighter Future

October 2013

In 'Never Built: Los Angeles,' a new exhibit at the Los Angeles Architecture & Design Museum, a city’s unfulfilled past offers inspiration for its future.

A Clear Presence

June 2013

When I heard that Rodney King had died, two details in particular stuck out to me. One was that he died in a swimming pool. The other was that, earlier that day, somebody had heard him scream.

South L.A., Twenty Years Later

April 2012

What the riots wrought.

Continental Drift

July 2011 This geologic boundary has no regard for political allegiance; it was not determined by wars, by financial interest, or national demarcation.