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On Coupling: An Inventory

October 2016

“I want both: marriage and lovers, freedom and security. I want my husband to say yes to this."

Orazio Labbate: In Love, Post-Apocalypse

May 2016

Flash Fiction: A romance at the time the world is ending.

Pico Iyer: The Kiss at Dawn

February 2016

The Kiss: In Damascus, a kiss runs even deeper than the heart

Brian Turner: The Kiss

January 2016

The Kiss: Introducing a new series on perhaps the most intimate of human interactions, in all its forms.

Julia Ingalls: Crush + Vision

July 2015

Revealing the unexpected, rejuvenating powers of a crush.

Long Forgotten

April 2015

He did not want her to think what might possibly be true: that he was going mad.

Stand Still

November 2014

We realize, of course, that one day the force may strike again, leaving one of us breathless at the side of the road.

The Barrel of the Apartheid Gun

July 2013

The Nobel laureate on Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War Against Apartheid, a new biography of South Africa’s revolutionary couple.

Interior Lives

May 2013

The award-winning novelist on the fluidity of sexuality, the intersections of art and selfishness, and her most recent book, The Woman Upstairs.

Editors’ Picks: Read About Love

February 2013

Some stories of love, passion, and sex to get you through the winter.

Love, Actually

June 2012

Eva Illouz on why modern courtship hinges on social validation.


October 2011 The desert is a virgin— / its skin only as old / as the last thought.


October 2011

What the heart wants? The heart wants / her horses back.

Secret Boyfriend

June 2011 The year we went to the Camps, my sister Leila was eighteen years old and had just begun her secret affair with Sammy.

Love in the Time of Capital

June 2010 The rising intellectual star on how commodities create feelings, the modern lingua franca of therapy-speak, and Israel’s emotional style.