Tag: Marian Wang

Marian Wang: Segregating Troublesome Kids

July 2015

A Department of Justice investigation found that Georgia is giving thousands of kids with behavioral issues a subpar education and putting them in the same run-down buildings that served black children decades ago.

Marian Wang: Inside the Wild World of Charter Regulation

February 2015

Charter school authorizers are charged with making sure schools can be trusted with kids and with public money.

Marian Wang: When Charter Schools Are Nonprofit in Name Only

December 2014

Some charters pass along nearly all their money to for-profit companies hired to manage the schools.

Marian Wang: As Parents Struggle to Repay College Loans for Their Children, Taxpayers Also Stand to Lose

April 2014

Why qualifying for financial assistance isn't always good news.

Marian Wang: How Exactly Do Colleges Allocate Their Financial Aid? They Won’t Say

February 2014

Deciphering financial aid, grants and other college information across institutions isn't as straightforward as it could be.

Marian Wang: How College Pricing is Like Holiday Retail Sales

January 2014

Retail discounting arrives to higher education, with negative consequences.

Marian Wang: On ‘Country Club’ Campuses

November 2013

He brought sushi to campus dining halls and revamped the dorms. Now he's wondering whether he did the right thing.

Marian Wang: George Washington University Has for Years Claimed to be ‘Need-Blind.’ It’s Not.

October 2013

How aware are universities about being need-aware? How blind are they to being need-blind?

Marian Wang: Breaking Away

October 2013

Many are worried that as public universities gain freedom, they will end up sidelining broader goals such as access and affordability.

Marian Wang: Public Universities Ramp Up Aid for the Wealthy, Leaving the Poor Behind

September 2013

"Offering "merit aid" over financial aid, colleges and universities are prioritizing smart kids who can pay over smart kids who can't."

Marian Wang and Theodoric Meyer: F.A.Q. on U.S. Aid to Egypt

July 2013

A look at how much aid the US gives to Egypt, where the money goes, and who decides how it’s spent.

Marian Wang: The Admissions Arms Race

April 2013

Six ways colleges game their numbers.

Marian Wang: Course Load

April 2013

The growing burden of college fees.