Tag: Mark Dowie

On the Fly: Reassessing the Forgotten Icon, Richard Brautigan

August 2012

An exhaustive new biography of Brautigan will change the way we remember the poet and novelist.

On the Fly: The Vatican’s Cult of Perverts

July 2012

In its bank crisis as well as its sex abuse scandals, the Catholic Church is defined by an astonishing lack of accountability. Is this why a parish per week closes in the United States?

Mark Dowie: What’s A Park For?

January 2012
 The battle over whether or not to allow the cultivation of oysters inside a California national park.

On the Fly with Katherine Ellison

October 2011 The Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter on receiving an ADHD diagnosis at the same time as her son, how writing her new memoir helped them deal with their mutual diagnosis, and the mental health industry.

On the Fly: Belva Davis

August 2011 Broadcast journalist Belva Davis on her family’s move from Louisiana to Oakland, California, her new memoir, and becoming the first female African American television reporter on the West Coast.

On the Fly: Anna Deavere Smith

June 2011 Actress and playwright Anna Deavere Smith on “absorbing America,” “Nurse Jackie,” and her latest production, Let Me Down Easy.

On the Fly: Mike Daisey

May 2011 Writer and monologist Mike Daisey describes his inspirations, working customer relations at Amazon, and his latest production, The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

On the Fly: Robert Reich

April 2011 The former Secretary of Labor on the Great Recession, class warfare, and why President Obama must challenge right-wing distortions with a counter-narrative.

Mark Dowie: On the Fly Podcast: Peter Gleick On the Impact of Our Bottled Water Obsession

March 2011
  This week, Dowie and his guest address the rising popularity of bottled water and how this practice has changed our environment.

Mark Dowie: On the Fly Podcast: Peggy Orenstein Takes Aim at “Girly-Girl Culture”

March 2011
  This week Dowie and his guest talk social networking, gender identities, and breast health.

Mark Dowie: On the Fly Podcast: Michael Krasny on God, Religion, and Atheism

February 2011
  The second installment of Guernica editor-at-large Mark Dowie’s interview series features Mark Krasny, who explores what we lose when we no longer believe in God.

Mark Dowie: On the Fly Podcast: Todd Gitlin On America’s Divine Exceptionalism

February 2011
 The inaugural episode of Guernica editor-at-large Mark Dowie’s interview series features sociologist Todd Gitlin, who argues that the relationship between America and Israel is steeped in the belief that both nations were “chosen” by God.

Food Among the Ruins

August 2009

Detroit, the country’s most depressed metropolis, has zero produce-carrying grocery chains. It also has open land, fertile soil, ample water, and the ingredients to reinvent itself from Motor City to urban farm.

Human Nature

May 2009

Is modern conservation linked with ethnic cleansing? In an excerpt from his new book, the investigative historian explores the concepts of wilderness and nature, and argues that the removal of aboriginal people from their homeland to create wilderness is a charade.

Harm Subsidies

March 2009

Why the so-called nuclear renaissance ought to be aborted.

Eviction Slip

April 2008

While many governments now involve indigenous groups in environmental conservation, India is on the verge of creating what might become the largest mass eviction for conservation ever. Groups like India's Adivasis have come to be called “conservation refugees.” Mark Dowie tells their story.