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On Coupling: An Inventory

October 2016

“I want both: marriage and lovers, freedom and security. I want my husband to say yes to this."


March 2016

Future of Language: WIFE!—who would not tolerate this complaint of his, who no longer indulged his talking, who could not even bear to look at him.

The Book Lady of Kabul

December 2015

Block by block she maneuvers through the teeming sidewalks of Kabul’s Shar-E-Naw shopping district until she enters Ice-Milk Restaurant, stops at tables.

Sarah Menkedick: Caught in the Middle

October 2015

Reflections on a family whose heritage spans borders, but whose separate experiences continues to divide them in their own home.

Robin Cloud: When The End Comes

September 2015

“Divorce, a fresh start.”

Let Me Explain You

July 2015

Stavros Stavros was fat and full at the end of the night. All he needed now was to deflower a virgin.


May 2015

Every day I expect to wake up and discover that the morphine has worn off, and that Richard is back to the man he was before the surgery. Instead, quiet.

Tana Wojczuk: Gone Girl, Bluebeard, and the Meaning of Marriage

October 2014

A response to Elif Batuman’s “Marriage is an Abduction.”

Kelly Sundberg: Writing, Survival, and Empowerment

April 2014

Sarah Einstein talks to Sundberg about her Guernica essay, her marriage to an abusive man, and the mixture of love and fear that made up her experience

It Will Look Like a Sunset

April 2014

“You made me hit you in the face,” he said mournfully. “Now everyone is going to know.”

The Cuckold

February 2014

Do all cuckolds start out fearless and end up foolish?

Passion Pit

February 2013

What blooms in Brazil’s coastal desert.

Marrying Up

February 2013

Eventually, I married a man more than twice my size. He terrified me. Making love felt like getting run over

Dear John

October 2012

First, it was his hands. Three days after he announced that he was going to leave me, I watched him drinking his coffee and noticed how his three middle fingers were slipped through the handle, gripping the body of the mug in a confident, almost loving way.

The Last Hour of the Bengal Tiger

October 2012

What was I going to do when I saw her? It was a question I had asked myself a thousand times. Slap her? Scream insults? Demand she give my husband back?

The World Without You

June 2012

He’s mopping at his pelvis with a wadded-up tissue, and then he’s mopping her up as well. Already the backs of her thighs are caking up.


November 2011 The spark of attraction he felt for Farideh could grow into a steady flame, he was sure now.

The In-Between Woman

April 2011 It is nowhere near impossible for somebody who loves her husband to also love her co-wife.

Marriage: Flesh Of My Flesh, Bone Of My Bone

March 2011 And dice (singular, die) can come to rest // in six different attitudes, like a woman, / it means something played, something given.

Gebet eines Ehemannes (A Husband’s Prayer)

By Mark Wunderlich, guest-edited by Emily Fragos
November 2010

When thistles spring up in the field / of our marriage, when the noxious vine // twines onto the maple, let us pull it up / by its roots.