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Marshall Allen and Olga Pierce: Study Urges CDC to Revise Count of Deaths from Medical Error

May 2016

If not for flawed tracking, medical mistakes would be the third-leading cause of death, researchers at Johns Hopkins say.

Olga Pierce and Marshall Allen: How Denmark Dumped Medical Malpractice and Improved Patient Safety

January 2016

In the US, patients harmed during medical care have few avenues for redress. The Danes chose to forget about fault and focus on what’s fair.

Marshall Allen: Patient Safety Kickbacks Lead To $1 Million Settlement

March 2015

The Justice Department claimed patient safety celebrity Dr. Chuck Denham solicited payments from a drug company.

Marshall Allen: Hidden in a Heart, a Discovery ‘Beyond Belief’

February 2014

Linda Carswell hoped a lab test might bring closure after her husband’s mysterious death in a Texas hospital. Then came the unimaginable results.

Marshall Allen: How Many Die From Medical Mistakes in U.S. Hospitals?

September 2013

An updated estimate says at least 210,000 patients.

Marshall Allen: What a New Doctor Learned About Medical Mistakes From Her Mom’s Death

January 2013

A personal encounter with the complexity and errors of the modern healthcare system.

Marshall Allen: Death on the Operating Table

November 2012

Journalist Mina Kimes discusses illegal drug experiments and medical catastrophe.

Marshall Allen: Why Patient Harm Is One of the Leading Causes of Death in America

September 2012

In this Q&A, surgeon Marty Makary talks about his new book Unaccountable and explains why patient harm persists, and what to do about it.