Tag: medicine

Mary Wang: Seeing Through the Fog

May 2016

A two part series on how ancient philosophy and medicine come up against pollution and modernization in China

Marshall Allen and Olga Pierce: Study Urges CDC to Revise Count of Deaths from Medical Error

May 2016

If not for flawed tracking, medical mistakes would be the third-leading cause of death, researchers at Johns Hopkins say.

Stephen Asher: Caduceus at the Crossroads

April 2015

A lifelong practitioner has a prescription for medicine.


March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: In the early seventies, I began sleeping with a married doctor who wanted to cure homosexuality.

Anne Boyer: Data’s Work is Never Done

March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: In medicine, the work of care and the work of data converge.

Humane Endeavor

November 2014

The surgeon and public health journalist on the gaps in healthcare policy, the sharp elbows of politics, and dignity in end-of-life care.

Courtney Moreno: An Ambulance in Los Angeles

September 2014

Andrew Rose talks to Courtney Moreno about her new novel, the specter of PTSD, and hazing in medicine.

Medicine and Its Metaphors

September 2014

A mother confronts the waning paternalism of doctors and comes to terms with needing the care of others.

Charles Ornstein: Double Dip: Doctors Paid to Advise, Promote Drug Companies That Fund Their Research

March 2014

The conflict of interest between pharmaceuticals and clinical trials.

Charles Ornstein: Ad Endorsing da Vinci Robot Violated U of Illinois Policies

March 2014

When surgical team members endorsed the robot in an ad, controversy ensued.

Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber: Generic or Name Brand?

November 2013

With billions in potential savings for Medicare at stake, we asked drug experts and practitioners alike why more doctors don't recommend generics when they can.

Lewis H. Lapham: Memento Mori

September 2013

The death of American exceptionalism—and of me.

Michael Grabell: The $13 Test That Saved My Baby’s Life

September 2013

Why isn’t required for every newborn?

Tracy Weber, Charles Ornstein and Jennifer LaFleur: ‘Extreme’ Prescribers

June 2013

An Inspector General's report faults Medicare for not tracking abuses in prescriptions.

Charles Seife and Rob Garver: FDA Approved New Drug Despite Ongoing Investigation of Lab Misconduct

April 2013

Though agents found blatant fraud in a Houston lab, the FDA refused to question drug safety.

Robert Garver and Charles Seife: Double Dose

April 2013

In a second case of flawed drug research, FDA response was slow and secretive.

Jeff Gerth: “Burn the Data”

March 2013

Did a company try to hide risks of MRI dye Omniscan?

Blair Hickman: When Doctors Feel Pain After a Medical Mistake

January 2013

The best remedy is transparency.

Marshall Allen: What a New Doctor Learned About Medical Mistakes From Her Mom’s Death

January 2013

A personal encounter with the complexity and errors of the modern healthcare system.

Marshall Allen: Death on the Operating Table

November 2012

Journalist Mina Kimes discusses illegal drug experiments and medical catastrophe.

Roslyn Bernstein: Frank Moore’s Dark Thoughts

November 2012

"Toxic Beauty," a retrospective at NYU’s Grey Gallery, brings together the writing and visual work of an extraordinarily socially engaged artist.