Tag: memoir

Paul Lisicky: Contour and Cadence

April 2016

The 2016 Guggenheim Fellow discusses his memoir The Narrow Door.

Gillie Collins: Doug DuBois and the Photography of Family

April 2016

In Good Time is the first mid-career survey of DuBois’ photographs on exhibit at Aperture Gallery.

Rashod Ollison: The Soul Serenade of a Music Journalist

January 2016

Rhythm, blues, & coming of age through vinyl.

In the Fictions of Our Past

September 2015

The authors discuss mourning in memoir and whether dreams belong in literature.

Waving, Not Drowning

August 2015

The New Yorker writer on the politics of surfing, reporting from war zones, and the “weird genre” of memoir.

In Full Flight

July 2015

The writer and naturalist on the temporality of grief, inhabiting the voice of T.H. White, and developing radical empathy with a goshawk.

The Rabbit Slaughter

February 2015

An anthropologist examines the meanings of sacrifice and slaughter—with his own life as the case study.

Richard Falk: Championing Lost Causes

November 2014

I am not yet brave enough to say (and mean) ‘Richard Falk is dead.’

Documenting Proximity

August 2014

A mathematician destined for a plum job in finance drops everything to become a freelance journalist in war-torn Congo.

Little Failures

March 2014

The satirist on drinking too much, learning to write through psychoanalysis, and making the switch to memoir.

Sue William Silverman: Summer of War and Apricots

February 2014

Identity and amour in an Israeli kibbutz following the Six-Day War.

Nadja Tesich: On Seduction

February 2014

Do you speak French? No? You ought to, just a bit.

Erin Block: Nervous Absence

February 2014

A personal chronical of anorexia and the history of self-starvation.

Kassi Underwood: Write Your Heart (or Humiliation) Out

September 2013

As the New York Writers' Coalition annual Write-a-Thon approaches, some thoughts on the role of creativity binges—and community—in the writing life.

Ground Truthing

August 2013

The writer-activist on the qualities of silence, bearing witness to trauma, and seeking sustenance in the world’s fragile beauty.

Ikhide Ikheloa: Notes from my Middle Passage

June 2013

Nothing could prepare me for America.

Ocean Vuong: I Remember Anyway

June 2013

Remember. You are already Vietnamese.

Imperfect Tools

March 2013

Sarah Manguso on memory, mental illness and how writing “is like feeding the cassette tape through the machine one last time after it breaks”

Carnal Knowledge

February 2013

Melissa Febos on her dominatrix memoir, teaching sexuality in literature, and what it takes to make a great sex scene.

Passion Pit

February 2013

What blooms in Brazil’s coastal desert.

Living Novelistically

October 2012

The famed writer on life as Joseph Anton, the problems of free speech, and the importance of telling the ‘goddamn truth’.