Tag: memory

Kristin Prevallet: A Burning Is Not A Letting Go

May 2016

“Nothing Erased But Much Submerged” reveals memory as a process in which fragments of earth, emotion, and paper are consolidated into a singularly charged moment in which fire burns through the pages of a young girl’s diary.

Major Jackson: Where Scars Reside

April 2016

The Kiss: The observation of a kiss brings on a stream of memories.

Manash Bhattacharjee: And Quiet Flows the Kopili

September 2015

Violence and citizenship in Assam, as experienced by its forgotten

Randall Horton: Because Hook Doesn’t Exist

May 2015

Flash Fiction: Convince yourself the race never stops running, that memory will eat you alive.

Long Forgotten

April 2015

He did not want her to think what might possibly be true: that he was going mad.

Inhabiting Language

January 2015

The award-winning Catalan writer on political attempts to repress his native language, inventing stories to tell the truth, and the powers and pitfalls of memory.

What the Trees Reveal

January 2015

When we moved to the Ella Valley, my partner and I took great care not to build on land that might have belonged to Palestinians before the war of 1948.

Violently Wrought

November 2014

The author of A Brief History of Seven Killings on Bob Marley, writing terror explicitly, and why sloppiness serves good storytelling.

Geoff Watkinson: What We Lost

September 2014

On teaching 9/11.

Angela Lang: A Kinship with Gabriel García Márquez

April 2014

Shared reading of García Márquez’s books was a way of finding an outlet for feelings kept and unsaid.

Effacing Memory

April 2014

The artist defaces dictators who amassed illegitimate power, and works of art.

Running to the River

March 2014

The Caine Prize-winning writer on resurrecting history’s ghosts, finding stories amid political violence, and why “Kenya is a mercurial character.”

Elizabeth Kadetsky: Moths

May 2013

You’ve never liked spring, as if its optimism, that sense of opportunity, is something you can never match.

Eduardo Galeano: The Life and Death of Words, People, and Even Nature

May 2013

From walking libraries and a god named “Word” to what Sherlock Holmes never said.