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Guernica EIC Michael Archer To Speak at Comadres y Compadres Writers Conference

October 2012

Guernica editor-in-chief Michael Archer will be speaking about the publishing industry, with an especial focus on magazines and literary journals.

Michael Archer: Q&A with Alice Walker

June 2011
 The Pulitzer Prize-winning author on her impending trip to Gaza, “SlutWalk,” and The Chicken Chronicles.

Byrne, Baby, Byrne

April 2010

The rock icon on song cycles, cycling, and escaping the past with Imelda Marcos. And you may ask yourself, is this my beautiful new business model?

Wendell Potter Reacts to the Passing of the Health Care Reform Bill

March 2010 Guernica editors Joel Whitney and Michael Archer recently emailed Wendell Potter, former mouthpiece for Cigna and ubiquitous healthcare commentator, about passage of the legislation.

Rec Room: Michael Archer: The Disappointment Artist

January 2010 Some of the smartest and most entertaining takes on culture.

Rec Room: Michael Archer: Elvis Perkins in Dearland

October 2009 “123 Goodbye” is poetry that inspires poetry.

Coming to Amreeka

September 2009 The filmmaker on her feel-good (sort of) movie, Palestinians in the Windy City, and how personal experiences can trump political arguments.

Staff Pick: Michael Archer

September 2009 What comedy should ensue when the Queen of England (previously a non-reader) visits a mobile library and (gasp!) borrows a book?

Staff Pick: Michael Archer

August 2009 Jonas has converted to Islam and recently been sequestered. In exactly thirty-one hours, he is supposed to commit an act of terrorism in the New York City subway. Kinda gutsy, no?

Staff Pick: Michael Archer

July 2009 Inflating a Dog’s inventive tale is touching and, in spots, hilarious, and Peter and his mother’s journey and quest for fame call to mind Don Quixote.

Staff Pick: Michael Archer

June 2009 What makes The Bubble worth watching is the way it exposes the complex lives and realities of Palestinians and Israelis and makes us pose questions about our own humanity.

A Lousy Deal

June 2009 On the twentieth anniversary of Tiananmen Square, the student leader made famous for scolding the premier in his hospital gown discusses life in exile, guilt over the students’ deaths, and how his movement was a mere first step toward greater political freedom in China.

We Need to Win

April 2009 The environmental child prodigy on how the economy can benefit from green initiatives, why Canada and the U.S. must help lead the way, and the role for tribal peoples in conservation.