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Michael Grabell: ‘All of This Because Somebody Got Hurt at Work’

January 2016

Hummer limos, go-go dancers, a live alligator and glowing aliens in spandex at the national workers’ comp and disability expo. Journey into the little-known workers’ comp industrial complex.

Michael Grabell: California Vs. Insurers

March 2015

Concern over possible misuse of a 2012 workers’ comp law has led to warnings from state labor officials.

Michael Grabell: Judge Orders NYPD to Release Records on X-ray Vans

January 2015

The NYPD has a secretive program that uses unmarked vans with X-ray machines designed to detect bombs.

Michael Grabell: Temp Land, California

October 2014

Employers will be legally responsible if their temp agencies and subcontractors put workers at risk or withhold wages.

Michael Grabell: A Modern Day Harvest of Shame

March 2014

Today’s blue collar temp laborers face abuses similar to those of migrant farmworkers.

Michael Grabell: U.S. Lags Behind World in Temp Worker Protections

February 2014

Permatemping cases highlight lack of U.S. protections for temp workers.

Michael Grabell: How to Improve Temp Worker Safety

December 2013

Temps face a significantly greater risk of injury on the job than permanent employees.

Michael Grabell: The $13 Test That Saved My Baby’s Life

September 2013

Why isn’t required for every newborn?

Michael Grabell: The Expendables

July 2013

The temp workers who power giant corporations are getting crushed.

Michael Grabell: Walmart Accepted Clothing from Banned Bangladesh Factories

June 2013

The world's largest retailer last month released a list of more than two hundred factories it said it had barred from producing its merchandise.

Michael Grabell: Taken for a Ride

May 2013

Temp agencies and ‘raiteros’ in immigrant Chicago.

Dafna Lizer, Michael Grabell, Jeff Larson: Flight Records Say Russia Sent Syria Tons of Cash

November 2012

he records of overflight requests show more than 200 tons of "bank notes" from Moscow to Damascus.