Tag: Michael Klare

Michael Klare: Oil Rush in America

September 2014

How a global warming president presides over a drill-baby-drill America.

Michael Klare: Let Them Eat Carbon

May 2014

Like big tobacco, big energy targets the developing world for future profits.

Michael Klare: Carbon Delirium

April 2014

The last stage of fossil-fuel addiction and its hazardous impact on American foreign policy.

Michael Klare: The Gravitational Pull of Planet Carbon

February 2014

Three signs of retreat in the global war on climate change.

Peter Van Buren: We Have to Destroy Our Constitution to Save It

January 2014

Debunking ten myths about NSA surveillance.

Michael Klare: The Death of Peak Oil?

January 2014

Shale oil has changed the timeline, but we're still going to run out of oil. Here's why.

Michael Klare: Surviving Climate Change

November 2013

Climate change may destroy us, but not before we see a green energy revolution by the people.

Michael Klare: Entering a Resource-Shock World

April 2013

How resource scarcity and climate change could produce a global explosion.

Michael Klare: Powder Keg in the Pacific

January 2013

Will China-Japan-U.S. tensions in the Pacific ignite a conflict and sink the global economy?

Michael Klare: World Energy Report 2012

November 2012

The good, the bad, and the really, truly ugly.

Subhankar Banerjee: Walking the Waters

August 2012

"Extreme oil" and the destruction of our oceans

Michael T. Klare: A Tough-Oil World

March 2012

Why 21st century oil will break the bank—and the planet.