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Joy Shan: To Give Memory a Place

July 2016

Pieter Hugo's latest portrait series examines the quiet afterlives of apartheid and genocide.

Toni Nealie: Dispersal

April 2016

An excerpt from Toni Nealie’s new book, The Miles Between Me

The Afterlife of Waste

October 2015

The Turkish artist on moving to the epicenter of throwaway culture and imagining the life-forms that “might emerge out of the contemporary ooze.”


September 2014

What kind of real mother would film the death of a child?

Myth Is a Theorem About the Nature of Reality

May 2014

The scholar on the vivid tradition of Haida poetry.

Edward Burtynsky’s Water

November 2013

The landscape of human impact.

Sherwin Bitsui: Sounds Like Water

June 2013

Tomas Hachard talks with the award-winning poet about 'border poetry,' cultural access, and the politics of writing about nature.

Tomas Hachard: Denis Côté’s Animal Instincts

October 2012

Bestiaire’s place in the filmmaker’s oeuvre and anthropomorphic conceptions.

Chip Ward: A Letter of Apology to My Granddaughter

March 2012

Chip Ward writes to granddaughter Madeline about the problems of the world she’s about to inherit.

[All morning I feed the petals]

August 2011 the way a child just born / already knows to kiss head down

Terror of the Back Eighty Acres

May 2011

He grew tame // and hunted the dreams of farm kids—every tree scratch / on the window were his nails, every pregnant farm girl // was knocked up with the devil's seed and spiderbabies.


May 2011 Since 1997, I have spent several months each year living alongside biologists in the rainforests of Peru, Brazil, French Guyana, and Costa Rica. As an artist I am attracted to the idea that when I am working in a rainforest, I am a “visual researcher.”

Alexis Madrigal: Further Reading Recommendations from a Guernica Writer

April 2011
 Guernica feature writer Alexis Madrigal provides further reading recommendations for reminding us that nature always has the last word.

Fairytale Smalltalk

September 2010

He says: look yourself up in the guide and tell me what you are.

Guernica’s Top 5 on Natural Disasters

August 2010 Sweltering heat and blazing fires in Russia have contributed to devastating mudslides in Pakistan and China. Guernica counts down its top five reports of natural disasters.

Oil and Ash

By Michael Bazzett
July 2010

I understand this economically, and I’d rather not / mention the resemblance to prostitution, but when I open my / mouth it also fills with something called sky

Fish-Work, Bering Sea

July 2010 A photographer chronicles his career as a commercial fisherman, a career he both romanticizes and loathes.

In Angangueo

June 2010

Little boys in drifts of dulling orange were trying / to pack balls of wings to throw at each other; / she thought perhaps she wouldn't have children.