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Drawing Attention

October 2016

The Girl on Girl art collective’s pink feminist newsstand.

Jennifer Baum: Soot

August 2016

Breathability then and now.

ProPublica: The Road to Rent Stabilization

August 2016

Dozens of New York officials support tenants’ lawsuit over rent stabilization

Ed Winstead: E Pluribus Unum

June 2016

Ed Winstead talks to artist José Parlá about his new short film and finding unity through art.


April 2016

Bulgarians are physical people. I discovered that when I left and came to New York.

Dignity Through Narrative

March 2016

“Think about the last time you read a novel in which someone went to cash a benefit check or paid for food in food stamps.”

Joaquin Sapien: Brooklyn Prosecutors Admit Woman Spent Ten Years in Prison for Crime She Likely Didn’t Commit

February 2016

The review of a controversial Brooklyn detective’s casework has led to yet another conviction being wiped out.

Joe Sexton: Decades Later, a Routine Police Record Hangs Over Patz Murder Trial

April 2015

The prosecution says Pedro Hernandez fled New York after killing Etan Patz. A detectives report from 1979 suggests that might not be so.

Matt Waters: Memories of the Future

March 2015

A visit to the 9/11 Museum that lasts much longer than visiting hours.


March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: In the early seventies, I began sleeping with a married doctor who wanted to cure homosexuality.

Joe Sexton: True or False, the Power of Confessions is Great

January 2015

The Etan Patz murder trial is the latest test case for measuring the power of a confession, whether or not it’s actually true.

Daniel Moss: An Unexpected Success Story Links Our Health to Wild Lands

January 2015

Conservation policies ensure both safe drinking water and ecological preservation.

Charles Ornstein: When a Patient’s Death is Broadcast Without Permission

January 2015

The ABC television show NY Med filmed Mark Chanko’s final moments without the approval of his family."

Abrahm Lustgarten: New York State Bans Fracking

December 2014

After years of delays and debate, Governor Andrew Cuomo decides risks outweigh rewards.

Cezary Podkul: How One New York County Fell Into the Tobacco Debt Trap

October 2014

A refinance of Niagara County’s tobacco bonds was good news—but for investors, not taxpayers.

Cecily McMillan: Playing With Fire

September 2014

Nika Knight interviews the Occupy activist about her time in Rikers, the roots of her politics, and her upcoming trial.

Yasmin El-Rifae: The Air Was Hot with Hysterical Nationalism

August 2014

A year after the Raba’a massacre in Cairo, one writer struggles to redraw her relationship to the city.

Joaquin Sapien: Attorney General Requires Recording of Interrogations, Unlike New York City

May 2014

Holder orders that federal agents must record interrogations.

Jake Bernstein: NY to Shut Troubled Rehab Clinic

May 2014

Records show state officials knew for years about problems at New York Service Network, violations of patients’ rights.

Laura Gottesdiener: When Predatory Equity Hit the Big Apple

April 2014

How private equity came to New York’s rental market—and what that tells us about the future.

Joaquin Sapien: Brooklyn DA Moves to Free Man after Long-Buried Evidence Surfaces

April 2014

Jonathan Fleming has served more than 24 years in prison for a 1989 murder. Law enforcement had evidence all along showing he was in Florida at the time of the shooting.

Ellen Cantarow: The Frontlines of Fracking

January 2014

What if fracking came to a town near you?

Humera Afridi: Tell Them Our Stories

November 2013

On storytelling and survival in post-disaster landscapes, from Tacloban City to Staten Island.

Joe Winkler: Objectified

October 2013

Why the “protectors” of Banksy’s public works in New York are getting it all wrong.

Jake Bernstein: N.Y. Fed Moves to Seal Documents in Ex-Bank Examiner’s Suit

October 2013

The loopholes in the Freedom of Information Act.

White Girls

October 2013

I see how we are all the same, that none of us are white women or black men; rather, we’re a series of mouths, and that every mouth needs filling: with something wet or dry, like love, or unfamiliar and savory, like love.

Jay Walljasper: Bicycling Surges Across the US, Outpacing Noisy Critics

June 2013

How the "bikelash" was overcome in New York and other cities.

Joe Sexton: Problem Witness

June 2013

A case to make prosecutors personally accountable.

Colson Whitehead: Each Book An Antidote

April 2013

Colson Whitehead on labels in literature, wearing genre drag, and getting lost in New York.

Stephen Engelberg: A Simple Fix

April 2013

Should New York compel judges to report problem prosecutors?

Joe Sexton: Capitol Offenses

April 2013

Bribes, wires, and little surprise.

Lauren A. White: How To Be The Black Person Reading How To Be Black

March 2013

Reading Baratunde Thurston’s satirical memoir on public transportation turns into a social experiment.

Meaghan Winter: Walking While Furtive

March 2013

A look inside the courtroom on the opening day of Floyd v. NYC, the class-action lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.

Robert Lewis & Al Shaw: After Sandy, Government Lends to Rebuild in Flood Zones

March 2013

Government loans encourage the reconstruction of areas at risk of repeated flooding.

Pocket Poets

December 2012

The professor and critic turns to technology explosions past—think typewriters, gramophones, and radios—to map the modern intersections of information and art.

Throw Forever to the Fleas

October 2012

This was Clyde’s third Ramadan, but his first alone.

Linda Sarsour: Surveillance and the City

August 2012

The director of the Arab Association of New York talks with Meaghan Winter about mosque monitoring, civil liberties, and kids asking 'why do they hate us?'

A Fire in My Belly

July 2012

After losing his companion Peter Hujar to AIDS, artist and activist David Wojnarowicz attempts to film grief while wrestling with his own mortality.


May 2012

Still, I started for the parlor. I’d polished my shoes, put gel in my hair: habits my mother had always wanted me to form and I had always resisted. Walking down the street, I felt conspicuous, as though people were sniggering at my gleaming head and feet.

Elizabeth Greenwood: Weegee’s New York

May 2012

'Murder is My Business,' an exhibition of Weegee's gritty photographs, opens at the International Center for Photography.

Genevieve Walker: “Keith Haring: 1978-1982”

March 2012

Keith Haring—rockstar of the art world, New York City street artist, activist—is no longer a household name. Genevieve Walker reviews the exhibit designed to commemorate his legacy.

Desperate Intentions

February 2012

Alone together in the metropolis

Fear and Framing in Kashmir

May 2011 The filmmaker Tariq Tapa on growing up Jewish and Muslim in New York, saying the unsayable, and the future of horror films.


July 2010 The photorealist painter on how art collided with his learning disability, his first paintings after paralysis, and why you shouldn’t think he’s an asshole.

Staff Pick: Swetha Regunathan

June 2009 Nothing comes easy in O’Neill’s complex novel—neither dreams nor lengthy jaunts through a New York populated by “others.”