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Karen J. Greenberg: Still in the Bush Embrace

April 2016

What really stands in the way of closing Guantánamo.

Jeffrey W. Rubin: Uneasy Democracies, North and South

April 2016

Both Brazil and the United States teeter on the brink of uncertain democratic futures.

Charles Ornstein: As HealthCare.gov Rebounds, New Glitches Hit Medicaid Enrollments

December 2013

Obamacare, like Goldilocks, needs enrollees to be neither too rich nor too poor, but just right.

Tom Engelhardt: The American Way of Manners

December 2013

Move over, Dear Abby. Colonel Manners answers your questions on the etiquette of war, nuclear threats, and civilian surveillance.

Tom Engelhardt: Mistaking Omniscience for Omnipotence

November 2013

In today's global surveillance state, American moles aren't spying for a foreign power, but for us.

Charles Ornstein: Why Health Insurance Cancellations Shouldn’t Be a Surprise

November 2013

An interview with health-care adviser Kip Piper.

Robert Reich: Lying About Corporate Taxes

August 2013

The case for lowering corporate taxes relies on three major pieces of misinformation.

Katie Ryder: The Truth About Religious Freedom and the ACA

February 2013

Your right to swing your fist in religious practice ends when your fist reaches my nose, or uterus.

Stealing Liberties

September 2012

Pulitzer Prize winner David Shipler on why bad guys deserve rights, how small-town officials wield big-time power, and why Obama has been bad for the Constitution.

Alfred W. McCoy: Impunity at Home, Rendition Abroad

August 2012

How two administrations and both parties made illegality the American way of life.

Laura Seay: Old Ideas for the New Africa

June 2012

Obama's "new" Africa policy prioritizes security over democracy. But the continent is changing rapidly, and U.S. policy needs to adapt--here's why.

Roger D. Hodge: On Obama’s Shamelessness and How to Save Harper’s

February 2011
 Former editor of Harper’s Magazine Roger Hodge speaks about his former employer, John “Rick” MacArthur, the current state of Harper’s, and why Obama’s State of the Union was “appalling.”

Ex-detainees allege US, Afghan abuse (video)

June 2009 According to the BBC, as the Obama administration takes action to shut down Guantanamo, a detention facility in Bagram (a US military base in Afghanistan) expands. Ex-detainees talk to the BBC about their time at Bagram.

Staff Pick: Jordan Hirsch

June 2009 As the crisis in Iran has unfolded, one book has received numerous mentions across the blogosphere: Amir Taheri’s The Persian Night: Iran under the Khomeinist Revolution.