Tag: Occupy Movement

Jamie McPartland: “The Internationale,” Anecdotally

July 2016

On Music: The perfect song to sing in times of uprising, at Occupy Wall Street, or before a Seder dinner—and always en masse.

Up in Arms

February 2016

The artist and journalist on reporting from Guantánamo Bay and Syria, glamor as a subversive power, and neutrality and boredom as weapons of the state.

Robert Reich: The Revolt Against the Ruling Class

August 2015

In two very different ways, Trump and Sanders are agents of this revolt against the ruling class.

The Hollywood Blacklist, Revisited

January 2015

The filmmaker and scholar on the radical legacy of American Communist film.

The Arc of Possibility

October 2014

The longtime Beijing correspondent on the roots of dissent in Hong Kong, China’s “Me” generation, and the precarious expansion of Chinese civil society.

Class in America: A Symposium

June 2014

Class in America: Seven writers, editors, and thinkers discuss how class divides Americans today and what we can do to fix America's inequality problem.

Rebel Cities

October 2012

Occupy Wall Street staged a rebellion against corporate corruption and economic inequality in Manhattan’s parks and streets, but the battle for the city began with nineteenth century electrification of Broadway.

Rebecca Solnit: Occupy Your Victories

September 2012

It's the first anniversary of the Occupy movement, and there is much to look forward to.

Notes from the Underground

August 2012

Writer and former radical bookstore owner Sean Stewart talks about his new book on the underground press that was so vital to '60s counterculture.

Street Art and the New Bohemian: A conversation with Eric Drooker and Molly Crabapple

July 2012

The two visual artists on the gravitas needed to make protest art, the rhetoric and representations of the Occupy movement, and how to seduce an audience by grabbing them by the eyeballs.

Anna Ludwig: Afterimages

June 2012

In a series of watercolors, Anna Ludwig explores the complicated history of People’s Park, and sees its echoes in Occupy Oakland.

Andy Kroll: Getting Rolled in Wisconsin

June 2012

Despite a recent loss at the ballot box, the fight is far from over for unions in Wisconsin.

Noam Chomsky: Plutonomy and the Precariat

May 2012

On the history of the U.S. economy in decline.

Matthew Wolfe: Twelve Ways of Looking at a Protest

May 2012

Tales from May Day's demonstrations.


May 2012

Rebecca Solnit and David Graeber on anarchism as a problem-solving tool, the return of debtors' prisons, and why communism is ingrained in capitalism

Anthony Kammer: After Me, The Flood

April 2012

Our economy’s death cycle has a very famous historical parallel: the lead-up to the French revolution.

Rachel Signer: The Trillion-Dollar Question (Part II)

April 2012

Skyrocketing student loan debt has dramatically changed the historical conversation about the social worth of education.

Joshua Dratel: The Evaporation of American Political Dissent

March 2012

Is the anti-Occupy law fundamentally un-American?

The Last Occupy

March 2012

Occupy Northville has reached an impasse that only Death can solve.