Tag: On Music

Chloe Caldwell: My Favorite Songs Are Like Personal Essays

October 2016

On Music: Author Chloe Caldwell on her latest essay collection and its musical influences.

Fantastical Deaths and Spectacular Rebirths

September 2016

On Music: The musician on Led Zeppelin, Tinariwen, and his rejection of the “world music” label.

Kavita Das: Groove

September 2016

On Music: Etching memories, cultures, and music onto her violin.

Jose Garcia: Vote for the Cumbia

August 2016

On Music: Hitching a Ride with the Guatemalan Chicken Bus Gypsy Caravan.

Jessica Perez: Ragam and Ritmo

July 2016

On Music:How an ancient dance form, performed live, connects many worlds.

Jamie McPartland: “The Internationale,” Anecdotally

July 2016

On Music: The perfect song to sing in times of uprising, at Occupy Wall Street, or before a Seder dinner—and always en masse.

Leia Menlove: The Chick With The Camera

June 2016

On Music: An interview compilation with Sean Yseult, cofounder of White Zombie.

Allison Moorer: Below The Belt

June 2016

On Music: How music and silence coexist in the mind of an autistic boy.

Zakiya Harris: Please Sample Responsibly

May 2016

On Music: The burden and blessing of sampling in hip-hop.

Elizabeth Daley: Above and Beyoncé

May 2016

On Music: Bringing back the 1990s Woman.

Matt Waters: A Moment of Honesty

May 2016

On Music: A song is the complete acceptance of impermanence. It would not begin if it could not end.

Stanichka Dimitrova: Urgent Messages From 200 Years Ago

April 2016

On Music: Violinist Stani Dimitrova discusses how 18th century composers are relevant today.

Kamini Dandapani: Untimely Melodies

April 2016

On Music: Introducing a new monthly series about music across cultures.