Tag: painting

Farhad Mirza: Transfiguration and Magic

July 2016

The many lives of John Lurie

A Changeless Place

June 2016

The Future of Cities: The artist on his portraits of disaster, invoking empathy, and Godzilla as “the loneliest guy in the world.”

Annelies Mondi: The Art of the Wild

April 2016

Painter Thomas Paquette celebrates a half-century of the Wilderness Act

The Unknowing

September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: The visual artist on the landscape of her native Canada, exhibiting at a nuclear power plant, and seeking to destabilize the familiar.

The Darling Duck

November 2014

One of many recipes inspired by centuries of yearning for the eternal duck.

Matt Lombardi: George W. Bush, Sated Artist

April 2014

What does it mean when a president, a professional athlete, or a movie star needs to paint?

Radka Franczak: Painting the Past in a New Russia

November 2013

Ela Bittencourt talks to the director of Losing Sonia, a profile of an Orthodox nun and icon painter who reflects the changes in modern Russia.

Heavyweight Paint

June 2013

Four painters on the complexities of categorization via nationality, race, and subject.

Studio Visit: Adrián Sonni

April 2013

The Argentine muralist on using the city as a canvas.

Justin Mortimer: Contorted View

January 2013

Reed Cooley speaks with the artist on his recent exhibition at Haunch of Venison’s Chelsea gallery.

Roslyn Bernstein: Frank Moore’s Dark Thoughts

November 2012

"Toxic Beauty," a retrospective at NYU’s Grey Gallery, brings together the writing and visual work of an extraordinarily socially engaged artist.

Wet Strokes

June 2012

Art and programming converge in Kynd's digital brushstrokes

Surface Concentrate

May 2012

Sebastian Black and Cole Sayer discuss CGI, the NFL, and the mythology surrounding being a painter.

Studio Visit: Sangram Majumdar

May 2012

Painter Sangram Majumdar invites Guernica to his studio to view a few in-progress paintings and learn about his process.

Genevieve Walker: “Keith Haring: 1978-1982”

March 2012

Keith Haring—rockstar of the art world, New York City street artist, activist—is no longer a household name. Genevieve Walker reviews the exhibit designed to commemorate his legacy.


December 2011 Against all rules, competitive species engage in quasi-natural acts that involve complex relays of communication.


September 2011 Reframing Victorian aesthetics.


July 2011 A meditation on an artist coming into her own and out into the open.

The Strong, Star-Bright Companions

April 2011 My project? I seek out women involved in direct-action campaigns who are wearing sweaters that, in some way, reflect their ideological intentions.

Video: An Interview with Xiaoda Xiao

September 2010 When artist Xiaoda Xiao was twenty years old, he was sent to a forced labor prison in his native China for defacing a portrait of Chairman Mao. This post features a documentary short of Xiao’s reflections on his experiences in labor prison.


July 2010 The photorealist painter on how art collided with his learning disability, his first paintings after paralysis, and why you shouldn’t think he’s an asshole.

Lost Edge

May 2010 The Mannerheim Line, built to protect Finland from the advances of the Soviet military avant-garde, now lies in ruins.


February 2010

These paintings focus on the American myth of the seeker, traveling alone through untouched landscapes in search of a revelatory experience of the divine.