Tag: PEN Flash Fiction

Kathleen Collins: Treatment for a story

August 2016

PEN/Guernica Flash Fiction Series: Of heat and conversations on a rainy day.

Orazio Labbate: In Love, Post-Apocalypse

May 2016

Flash Fiction: A romance at the time the world is ending.

Alexander Chee: Hunger

January 2016

Flash Fiction: The food was repulsive to consider and ended hunger bowl by disgusting bowl. And yet its arrival was still welcome; it relieved the tedium.

Maria Mitsora: Grace

December 2015

Flash Fiction: Here where I find myself in a razor-sharp eternity, grant me one deep free breath.

Adriana E. Ramírez: Santa Rita de los Imposibles

October 2015

Flash Fiction:Pablo Angel chose to die in what he thought were American pants. I believe this.

Osama Alomar: The Name

October 2015

Flash Fiction: He dug his nails into the smooth cover

Ben Warner: Luck

August 2015

Flash Fiction:“You’re so very lucky,” he said, “to live this way.”

Kristabelle Munson: Onyx

August 2015

Flash Fiction:"We pull the tide towards the shore."

Miles Klee: A Suitable Foundation

June 2015

Flash Fiction: I said if that’s the way it is then you know what that’s enough already.

Matt Bell: The Actions of Brave Men

May 2015

Flash Fiction: What he could tell himself hurt no one. A hierarchy of opportunity and morality.

Aminatta Forna: The Ibex

May 2015

Flash Fiction: Ibex. He loves the majesty of the word. And she possesses a majestic beauty, it is in the ellipse of her eye, the rearward drift of her horns.

Aoko Matsuda: Love Isn’t Easy When You’re the National Anthem

May 2015

Flash Fiction:You were the only person in the whole building who wasn’t singing me.

Bree: Normal

April 2015

Flash Fiction: But you're a lesbian, aren't you? You become the person in his head.

Alexi Zentner: And a Lie

October 2014

Flash Fiction: “Perhaps,” he said, drawing the word out, “I didn’t quite understand the game."

Zimri Yaseen: the puzzle box

September 2014

Flash Fiction: she told me that at one i reached out and struck his closed right hand with my fat unsteady palm.