Tag: PEN Flash Series

Xiaolu Guo: I Am China

August 2014

Flash Fiction: Now, dearest Queen, let me be direct—why I’m writing to you? I need your help in this country.

Sally Wen Mao: Xianning

July 2014

Flash Fiction: Then she drew his legs. She skipped the body because that moment she forgot that men had bodies – chests, torsos, bellies and all.

Abeer Hoque: Dagger and Shield

May 2014

It’s that look he loves even though he knows she isn’t really seeing him. He’s part of the landscape, inside her inner eye.

Mira Jacob: Everybody Is Looking for Somebody Like You

March 2014

It didn’t matter if they strolled from his periphery or sprinted up from behind. He felt them coming like a warm wind.

Eric Boyd: The Chains That Keep

February 2014

Behind him’s two bags on the curb. He needs the ride; I cut him a break.

Matthew Salesses: Inside the Inside of the Green Monster

January 2014

Then she did hear something, a scratching deep inside the walls, like something was trapped in there.

Shani Boianjiu: An Odd Bird

January 2014

Flash Fiction Crazy is not hereditary or anything like that.

Christopher Meyers: Letter to My Grandnephew

December 2013

Flash Fiction from PEN's Prison Writing Contest: I have written 721 pages of letters to you. The paper I write letters to you on is 8' x 10.5'. I hate that.

Rita Zoey Chin: Solo

November 2013

Your hands swiped gently up at the sky as you named the constellations, each syllable a puff of white smoke into the cold. I could already see the faces our children would have.

Corey Zeller: Dead Money — Pfizer, Cisco, and Other Value Traps

October 2013

No one knew they’d have to cut off their tongues to keep those little machines of fire going.

Edie Meidav: Catullus

October 2013

You have to get down on your knees and sniff too. Do it right and they understand you are one of them.

Carmiel Banasky: Witch

August 2013

She said this was for my own good—if I was kept in the dark, I would never be afraid of it.

Krys Lee: Girl on a Leash

July 2013

Already, his face was remote, fleeing her.

Ethel Rohan: Goodnight Nobody

July 2013

He leaned back into his driver’s seat, closed his eyes, and waited to feel something for the dead man.

Nathalie Handal: Last Night in San Pedro de Macorís

June 2013

Some people like ideas, others like motion, some like one woman, others roam.

Reginald Dwayne Betts: Travellin’ Man

June 2013

His father taught him to crave brown liquor.

Earl Lovelace: A Story in Which I Look Good

May 2013

Flash Fiction: If he feels pushed, he will turn into a bull, a storm.

Vaddey Ratner: The Cripple’s Last Dance

April 2013

Flash Fiction: Dossier No. X recovered from Interrogation Cell B of Sala-XX

Ru Freeman: Siege

April 2013

Flash Fiction: The gun empties. He returns.

Randa Jarrar: A Sailor

April 2013

Flash Fiction: Her husband wants to know what she had in common with the Turkish sailor.