Tag: Pentagon

William D. Hartung: The Pentagon’s War on Accountability

June 2016

Slush funds, smoke and mirrors, and funny money equal weapons systems galore.

William D. Hartung: How Not to Audit the Pentagon

April 2016

Five decades later, the military waste machine is running full speed ahead."

T. Christian Miller: About Face: US Military Seeks Historic Overhaul of Justice System

March 2016

Pentagon aims to fundamentally reform the way America’s men and women experience justice while in uniform.

Nick Turse: The Pentagon’s Progress

January 2016

Will American “successes” lead to more Iraqi military failures?

William Hartung: Your Money at War Everywhere

March 2015

Military strategy? Who needs it?

Frida Berrigan: Uncle Pentagon

March 2015

Growing up in the shadow of the American war state.

Peter Van Buren: What Could Possibly Go Right?

November 2014

Four months into Iraq War 3.0, the cracks are showing—on the battlefield and at the Pentagon.

Megan McCloskey: Head of Flawed Effort to ID Missing Soldiers Loses Job

October 2014

The Pentagon overhauls its identification process.

Megan McCloskey: Pentagon Overhauls Effort to Identify Its Missing

April 2014

Pentagon mission that solves few MIA cases each year will make reforms.

Mattea Kramer: The Pentagon’s Phony Budget War

March 2014

Or how the U.S. Military avoided budget cuts, lied about doing so, then asked for billions more.

Cora Currier: Killing Military Transparency

September 2013

The Obama administration helped kill a push for transparency on military aid.

Cora Currier: The Enemy is Classified

July 2013

The U.S. is at war with Al Qaeda and “associated forces.” But the government won’t say who those forces are.

David Vine: Where Has All the Money Gone?

May 2013

Contractors have raked in $385 billion to build and maintain military bases overseas. How much of the total is fraud?

Dilip Hiro: The Great Afghan Corruption Scam

April 2013

How Operation Enduring Freedom mutated into Operation Enduring Corruption.

Jeremiah Goulka: Lockheed Martin’s Herculean Efforts to Profit From Defense Spending

March 2013

The Epic Story of the C-130.

Cora Currier: Drone Strikes Test Legal Grounds for War on Terror

February 2013

What constitutes 'necessary and appropriate force'?

Tom Engelhardt: The Pentagon as a Global NRA

January 2013

For Washington, there is no arms control abroad.

Nick Turse: The New Obama Doctrine, A Six-Point Plan for Global War

June 2012

Civilian soldiers, drones, and cyber attacks are just a few elements of the Obama formula for contemporary war.