Tag: personal essay

Vital Signs

May 2016

She lost a piece of her brain and will never get it back.

Natural Birth in the New America

April 2016

Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery and the back-to-the-land movement.

Running Still

April 2016

Obsession as symptom, cause, and cure.

Sarah Menkedick: Caught in the Middle

October 2015

Reflections on a family whose heritage spans borders, but whose separate experiences continues to divide them in their own home.

Julia Ingalls: Crush + Vision

July 2015

Revealing the unexpected, rejuvenating powers of a crush.

Penny Guisinger: Route Nine, Bangor to Lubec

July 2014

There’s drunk driving, and then there’s hungover driving.

Chris Wallace: Bathtub Revelations

July 2014

On a regimen of twice-daily baths and the life lessons learned therein.

Margaret Sowell: A St. Joseph’s Walk

March 2014

American South: On returning to family roots in New Orleans and finding an altogether different kind of tribe.

Nadja Tesich: On Seduction

February 2014

Do you speak French? No? You ought to, just a bit.

Francisco Cantú: Ventana

August 2013

A former Border Patrol agent recalls his first encounter with a body in the desert.

Elizabeth Kadetsky: Moths

May 2013

You’ve never liked spring, as if its optimism, that sense of opportunity, is something you can never match.

Rose Lichter-Marck: Circling the Sea

October 2012

A photographer explores an accidental sea in the desert, and a romance—both very much in flux—and returns with this meditation on transformation, control, and the truths we can learn from geology.