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Matthew Harwood and Jay Stanley: Power Loves the Dark

May 2016

Police Nationwide Are Secretly Exploiting Intrusive Technologies With the Feds’ Complicity.

Joaquin Sapien: Brooklyn Prosecutors Admit Woman Spent Ten Years in Prison for Crime She Likely Didn’t Commit

February 2016

The review of a controversial Brooklyn detective’s casework has led to yet another conviction being wiped out.

The Nostalgia Aesthetic

January 2016

How the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster became a global design icon.


September 2015

It’s an open secret that every officer, regardless of rank, is allowed to step in and ask for special consideration for one fuck-up.

Andrew Johnson: On Impunity

November 2014

I’ve always been given the benefit of the doubt.

Hanqing Chen: Reporting on the Federal Push to Militarize Local Police

August 2014

A few facts you might have missed about the flow of military equipment and tactics to local law enforcement.

A.C. Thompson: Michael Brown’s Dueling Autopsies

August 2014

An autopsy by Michael Baden is only the beginning as teams of specialists study the body of 18-year-old African American killed by police

Meaghan Winter: Walking While Furtive

March 2013

A look inside the courtroom on the opening day of Floyd v. NYC, the class-action lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.

Stephan Salisbury: Police Shootings Echo Nationwide

July 2012

The Aurora shooting gets the attention, but guns are going off everywhere.

Megha Rajagopalan: How Many Millions of Cellphones Are Police Watching?

July 2012

No one knows for sure why or how many cell phone records have been picked up, or whether it's fully legal.