Tag: poverty

Jackson Bliss: Obāsan In A Cup

August 2016

Despite a life of poverty, sustenance of the heart endures.

Luc Sante: My Method is the Magpie’s

November 2015

The critic discusses his new book on the grittier side of Paris, and the effect terrorism might have on France.

The Things They Carried

November 2015

They needed a way to keep the fire going until morning—that was another thing they had on their minds.

Robert Reich: Empathy Deficit Disorder

October 2014

Suicide is a terrible tragedy for those driven to it and for their loved ones. What possessed Congressman Young to turn it into a political football?

Jay Walljasper: Good News for Communities Scared of Economic Decline

June 2014

The anchor strategy builds on existing assets to boost jobs, businesses & quality-of-life.

Robert Reich: The Three Biggest Right Wing Lies About Poverty

June 2014

Republicans ignore the real reasons for poverty in favor of neoliberal fantasies.

Jessica Pishko: The Price of Freedom

June 2014

Class in America: In today's debtor's prisons, incarceration is expensive and starting over is nearly impossible.

Beating the Drum

March 2014

The National Book Award winner on substance abuse in the rural South and being told she’d written “just a Southern book.”

Heaven, Hell, and Earth

October 2013

Mental health, spiritual healers, and the hidden afterlife of war in Sierra Leone.

Abigail Sindzinski: A Nation Called to Action

July 2013

"George Packer’s The Unwinding details the bitter realities of a stagnant economy, but leaves no room for malaise."

Mira Ptacin: Is a Baby a Luxury?

May 2013

When a chemical stick revealed that our little family was about to change, we were overjoyed. But not insured.

Robert Reich: Why There’s a Bull Market for Stocks And Bear Market for Workers

March 2013

Investment in technology, unemployment, globalization, and the “Fed’s easy-money policies” all contribute to widening inequality.

Robert Reich: Cliff Notes on the Three Real Perils Ahead

December 2012

Forget the fiscal cliff, there are three other, bigger dangers.

from The Story of My Assassins

September 2012

His first conscious memory, from the time he was three, was the feel of a rat snake slithering through his hands.

Reporting Poverty

September 2012

Following three years of research in an Indian slum, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist discusses what language can’t express, her view that nobody is representative, and the ethical dilemmas of writing about the poor.

Rebecca Solnit: Welcome to the 2012 Hunger Games

May 2012

Sending debt oeonage, poverty, and freaky weather into the arena.

Barbara Ehrenreich: Rediscovering Poverty

March 2012

How we cured the “culture of poverty” but not culture itself.

The Weight of the Poor

September 2011 The professor Glenn Beck loves to hate speaks with Cornel West about waitressing, black nationalism, how the radical right helped her define her politics, and why she’s gloomy about America’s future.

Off the Grid

June 2011

A photographer and former Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana observes the beauty of the dark and the politics of electricity. (With video.)

God Bless You, Mr. Greybeard

June 2011 The iconic anthropologist and activist on what chimpanzees tell us about our ultimate destiny, the sixth great extinction, and reasons for hope.

On the Emancipation of Women

January 2010

Just as the 1800s were ripe for the abolition of slavery, this century will bring forces to bear on freeing women from violence, slavery, and oppression.