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Lara Naughton: America’s Prison Rodeo

July 2016

In Louisiana, incarceration is a spectator sport.

Brooklyn Bound

June 2016

The fight to extradite El Chapo.

Hyatt Bass: Lessons from Cuba’s Incarceration Model

March 2016

A conversation between Executive Director of the Correctional Association of New York, Soffiyah Elijah, and filmmaker Hyatt Bass.

Hidden in a Suitcase

November 2015

In search of the mother who gave her up for adoption, the author finds six siblings instead. Decades later, she contemplates the drug addiction that cost many of them their lives.

The Tiger

April 2015

A Burmese poet and activist revisits the years of his incarceration, while urging change in a country that does not yet feel free.

Maya Schenwar: Your Home Is Your Prison

January 2015

How to lock down your neighborhood, your country, and you.

Cecily McMillan: Playing With Fire

September 2014

Nika Knight interviews the Occupy activist about her time in Rikers, the roots of her politics, and her upcoming trial.

Sarah Shourd: Torture Chambers of the Mind

September 2014

We think using harsh prison punishment makes us safer. It doesn’t.

Amy Butcher: Why It’s Called A Life Sentence

September 2014

Kevin became interesting only after the night he walked me home, committed his crime, and called the police.

Prison Journal of a Child Bride

August 2014

At times I wonder whether they considered me a human being or a lamb to sacrifice for their own good.

Jessica Pishko: The News from San Quentin, Part 2

January 2014

Free Expression: Crime and punishment and “disapproved content.”

Jessica Pishko: The News From San Quentin, Part 1

January 2014

Free Expression: A paper in the hands of every inmate.

Joaquin Sapien: Guards May Be Responsible for Half of Prison Sexual Assaults

January 2014

Prosecution is rare in sexual assault cases involving correctional officers.

Joaquin Sapien: Guarded Optimism

January 2014

Examining the factors that contribute to sexual victimization in American prisons.

Christopher Meyers: Letter to My Grandnephew

December 2013

Flash Fiction from PEN's Prison Writing Contest: I have written 721 pages of letters to you. The paper I write letters to you on is 8' x 10.5'. I hate that.

Win Bassett: Prison Scratchings

November 2013

A former assistant district attorney reflects on the Day of the Imprisoned Writer and the intimacy of the handwritten word.

Daniel Alarcón: The Scar, Not the Wound

October 2013

The novelist talks with Jamilah King about what it took to start over from scratch with his latest book, At Night We Walk in Circles.

Cora Currier: Gitmo Soldiers Get 9/11 Lessons

August 2013

The U.S. military's lessons in recent history.

Christie Thompson: Stick’em in Solitary

August 2013

New York has promised help for mentally ill inmates, but still sticks many in solitary confinement.

Beyond the Binary Behind Bars

June 2013

The activist academic on the prison industrial military complex and its impact on women of color.

No Justice for All

June 2013

Race and justice in America are inextricably linked.

Christie Thompson: Are California Prisons Punishing Inmates Based on Race?

April 2013

Prison officials claim they need race-based methods to fight gang violence.

Sonallah Ibrahim: Notes from Prison

March 2013

An excerpt from the Egyptian novelist's prison journal, translated by Robyn Creswell.

Edmund Clark: Three Ideas of Home

January 2013

In Guatanamo: If the Light Goes Out, a photographer explores life in, around, and after detainment.

The Longest Hunger Strike

January 2013

American courts recognize rights to refuse life-saving treatment. So why won’t the State of Connecticut let William Coleman die?

Escape to Alcatraz

December 2012

Notes on prison tourism.

Ted Conover: Rehab

May 2012

The book New Jack: Guarding Sing Sing, has been banned at that prison since its publication, and so has its author—until now.


November 2011 “It will never stop, and it will always be necessary. What I did to you was necessary, and what you do to me is necessary.”

Listen to the Banned

December 2010

Just in time for the holidays, a new CD compiles a who’s who of banned musicians from around the world.

Victoria Kent

By Scott Hightower
July 2010

A few of the prison reforms / you wrestled into implementation // in Madrid, will take root /

in the rest of the world