Tag: Protests

Howard Zinn and Paula J. Giddings: I Plead Guilty (to Insubordination)

March 2015

An excerpt from Zinn's 1960 piece on the young women of Spelman College turning into protestors, and historian Paula Giddings vividly looking back on Zinn and the Spelman experience fifty-five years later.

Blacked Out in Ukraine

February 2014

The artist and curator talk censorship in the arts and Ukraine's crackdown.

Patrick Wrigley: Menace to Society

June 2013

The protests in Turkey, and the government’s response, highlight a problem more complex than a single micro-managing autocrat.

Nafeesa Syeed: Setting Down Roots in Istanbul’s Gezi Park

June 2013

Protestors in Istanbul are settling in to Gezi park, where the demonstrations across Turkey began.

Jen Marlowe: Terror and Teargas on the Streets of Bahrain

September 2012

Protests in Bahrain have been largely ignored in Western media, but they shouldn't be.

Andy Kroll: Getting Rolled in Wisconsin

June 2012

Despite a recent loss at the ballot box, the fight is far from over for unions in Wisconsin.

What’s Going to Last

June 2012

The Bolivian writer Juan Claudio Lechín on the conditions that predicate fascism and the morality of anarchism.

Alan Chin: Violence at the Chicago NATO Summit 2012

May 2012

Protests at the Chicago NATO Summit get ugly... 1968-National-Democratic-Convention ugly.

Bridging the Dignity Gap

April 2012

From Cairo to Wall Street, are we in the midst of a historic shift in the way governments relate to their citizens?

Mandy Van Deven: America’s Winter of Discontent: A Review of the New Anthology We Are Wisconsin

September 2011
 The question We Are Wisconsin raises is, what will come next, now that the hornet’s nest has been disturbed?

No “Waiting for the World to Change”

March 2007

Protest now—in a few years, you'll be too much of a prick to care. In a few years, you'll have your lawn and your job and whatever's on TV tonight—everything wil seem much more important. Protest now while you still have a shred of values—the real thing to protect.