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Annie Waldman: DC Moves to Limit Schools Pinning Down and Isolating Kids

March 2015

It’s the latest in a national trend to reduce restraints of school kids.

Annie Waldman: New York City Lays Out Limits on Restraints and Suspensions

March 2015

Amid recent calls for reform, New York City’s Department of Education is introducing new restrictions on suspending and restraining kids in city schools.

Heather Vogell: Virginia Passes Bill to Rein in Restraints of School Kids

February 2015

Many schools in the state still have no policies or rules around pinning kids down.

Heather Vogell: Massachusetts Tightens Rules on Restraining, Secluding Students

January 2015

Under new rules, Massachusetts schools will not be allowed to use certain techniques to restrain or isolate students as frequently and will have to report all restraints and injuries.

Annie Waldman: LA and New York Schools Deny Physically Restraining Students

December 2014

All school districts in the country are required to tell the federal government how many times kids have been restrained in their schools. But some districts aren’t following through.

Heather Vogell: Cracking Down on Two Schools’ Use of Restraints

August 2014

Investigators found a systematic breakdown in how educators at the schools employed restraints and seclusions.

Heather Vogell: Meet the Groups Fighting Against Limits on Restraining School Kids

June 2014

The dangers of physical restraint as a form of punishment for school children.

David Morris: After 20 Years, Charter Schools Stray From Their Original Mission

August 2012

Instead of being laboratories for new practices, many charter schools have become for-profit enterprises with poor report cards.


August 2012

I stare at the ground imagining I am one of the condemned, what it felt like to have my fingernails torn off. I clench my fists tight and brace myself for the pain, wishing I was off this wretched island, wishing I was home.

Waiting for Nobody

January 2012 The controversial education reformer on improving mobility, the gap between the U.S. and other developed countries, and why she’s optimistic.