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Ed Winstead: Tearing Down the Walls

March 2016

A new film takes a novel approach to Grove Press publisher Barney Rosset's life and legacy.

The Future Perfect

December 2015

The novelist on what atheists and true believers have in common and how Mark Twain, Henry James, and “Sigmund-fucking-Freud” lack imagination.

Dawn Davis: Launching Inkwell Book Club

February 2015

Aditi Sriram talks with the founder of Inkwell, an online national black book club that launched yesterday, about supporting black writers and influencing the marketplace..

Rebecca Saletan: Magic and Mechanics

November 2014

The editorial director of Riverhead Books talks with Rachel Riederer about the intimacy of editing, hunkering down in the White House, and why book publishers remain essential in the digital age.

Combing the Edges

July 2014

The editorial director of Other Press on cultivating politically important literature, seeking new voices, and race and class in publishing.

The Art of Independent Publishing

April 2014

The publisher of Graywolf on the pleasure of finding books others have overlooked.

Elisabeth Schmitz: Editing Under The Radar

February 2014

The vice president and editorial director of Grove Atlantic on the art of literary editing, why publishers shouldn’t turn their backs on risk-taking writing, and how the first novel she ever bought went on to transform her career.

Jesse Pearson: Accidental Curation

August 2013

The founding editor of Apology talks with Rebecca Bates about the trouble with lit mags, defining pornography, responding to book-hype, and avoiding becoming a weird old man.

Literary Culture Clash

July 2013

The “super-agent” talks about finding success with messy, difficult books, re-thinking how we publish works in translation, and the advice she gives to authors---no hotel porn on book tours.

You Are The Second Person

June 2013

You wondered out loud what writing “multiculturally” actually meant and what kind of black man would write the word “bro” in an email.

Work for Guernica

April 2013

We're currently hiring interns for our editorial and publishing departments.

It Doesn’t Mean We’re Wasting Our Time

November 2012

Reflections on a postcard from David Foster Wallace

Guernica EIC Michael Archer To Speak at Comadres y Compadres Writers Conference

October 2012

Guernica editor-in-chief Michael Archer will be speaking about the publishing industry, with an especial focus on magazines and literary journals.

Roger D. Hodge: The Personality of a Magazine

September 2012

Newly minted Oxford American editor Roger D. Hodge discusses the role of an editor, finding a form, and the newsstand's allure.

Ed Winstead: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

August 2012

What's next for the Oxford American now that founder Marc Smirnoff has been fired?

Notes from the Underground

August 2012

Writer and former radical bookstore owner Sean Stewart talks about his new book on the underground press that was so vital to '60s counterculture.

Against the Line

June 2012

The literary legend on his new book of poetry, about a personal evolution, and those he's published; MFA's and prizes; and the ongoing river of language.

The Sick and the Well

July 2011 Lynne Tillman discusses her latest mindfuck story collection and how social reading platforms erode the barrier between writer and reader.

Roger D. Hodge: On Obama’s Shamelessness and How to Save Harper’s

February 2011
 Former editor of Harper’s Magazine Roger Hodge speaks about his former employer, John “Rick” MacArthur, the current state of Harper’s, and why Obama’s State of the Union was “appalling.”