Tag: Race in America

Tana Wojczuk: The Riddle of Trevor Nunn’s Pericles

March 2016

Is Shakespeare Dead?:A production of Shakespeare’s Pericles offers both promise and frustration.

Dignity Through Narrative

March 2016

“Think about the last time you read a novel in which someone went to cash a benefit check or paid for food in food stamps.”

Patrick Thomas Casey: Taller Than a Man—Contemporary Lynching and White America

May 2015

In the wake of Freddie Gray’s death, and so many others, what can we learn from the violence in our past?

Nikole Hannah-Jones: Affirmative Action Refocused

June 2013

Following the Fisher v. University of Texas ruling, some call for class-based affirmative action. However, critics warn that may be the end of black and Latino representation in American colleges.

Kiran Herbert: Portland and Portlandia, Two Worlds of Whiteness

June 2013

Oregon’s liberal mecca was made white by explicitly bigoted laws, and its hometown satire white-washes race relations.

Ikhide Ikheloa: Notes from my Middle Passage

June 2013

Nothing could prepare me for America.

Race in America

June 2013

A conversation.

You Are The Second Person

June 2013

You wondered out loud what writing “multiculturally” actually meant and what kind of black man would write the word “bro” in an email.

A Clear Presence

June 2013

When I heard that Rodney King had died, two details in particular stuck out to me. One was that he died in a swimming pool. The other was that, earlier that day, somebody had heard him scream.

Beyond the Binary Behind Bars

June 2013

The activist academic on the prison industrial military complex and its impact on women of color.

Does Truth Have a Tone?

June 2013

Jamaica Kincaid on writing as transformation, “anger” versus truth, and those who think writers of color are “only entitled to write about the hardship of racism.”

A Long Time to Change

June 2013

The former Black Panther on coming of age in the party, ongoing police brutality, and her recent memoir turned novel, Virgin Soul.

No Justice for All

June 2013

Race and justice in America are inextricably linked.


June 2013

She’d forever be checking ethnicity boxes, emphasizing her parents’ work: farm laborer, housekeeping. Trying to prove that she was smart enough, committed enough, pleasant enough to be granted a trial period in their world.

The Law of Progress

June 2013

My mother’s mother used to say that it took four generations to get the black out.

The Forgetting Tree

June 2013

What kind of person walks over the bones of slaves? / What kind of person is a slave to bones?

Hydrangea Agenda

June 2013

Major, It’s been a hell of a ride

Ocean Vuong: I Remember Anyway

June 2013

Remember. You are already Vietnamese.

Editors’ Picks: Reading About Race

June 2013

Guernica's staff brings you their favorite writing on race, in America and beyond.

Zahir Janmohamed: Writer of Color

June 2013

On being asked to speak for a whole community and region rather than yourself.

Race in America, June 15 2013

May 2013

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