Tag: race

Paul Beatty: I See You

October 2016

The winner of the 2016 Man Booker Prize for Fiction on truth and contradiction, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the elusive gauge of progress in America.

Reunion in Selma

October 2016

Finding connection after a complicated family history.

Rebecca O. Johnson: Brothermen

August 2016

In lieu of flowers.

Beautiful Objects, Blighted Spaces

June 2016

The Future of Cities: The Chicago-based urban design team on rebuilding neighborhoods, gentrification, and the “magic” of Theaster Gates.

Jane Marchant: A Century of Progress

June 2016

Uncovering the story of a grandmother's racial passing and its effect on following generations.

Be the Kill-Joy

May 2016

The performance artists on the racial history of drag, jokes as a means of survival, and leaving room for paradox.

Upending the Archive

April 2016

The genre-bending writer on queering history and restoring lost voices to American fiction.

Thick of Tongue

March 2016

Future of Language: So what exactly is this “black sound” I am insisting exists?

Mother is Marxist

March 2016

The market scans my child, calculates pecuniary value.

Megan Stielstra: Teaching Engagement, Teaching Awareness

December 2015

How an inclusive curriculum could be just the disruption American classrooms need.

The Architecture of Racism at Yale University

November 2015

What it’s really like to be a student of color in the Ivy league.

Young, Gifted, and Black

May 2015

The author on the genius slave musician who inspired his novel and the fallacy of a post-racial America.

Howard Zinn and Paula J. Giddings: I Plead Guilty (to Insubordination)

March 2015

An excerpt from Zinn's 1960 piece on the young women of Spelman College turning into protestors, and historian Paula Giddings vividly looking back on Zinn and the Spelman experience fifty-five years later.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: Yes, Black America Fears the Police. Here’s Why.

March 2015

You have grown up in a different country than I have.

Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair

March 2015

On interracial adoption in “post-racial” America.

Tim Gray: The Monochrome Industry

February 2015

Retha Powers talks to the awards editor and former editor-in-chief of Variety about the Oscars, and Hollywood's diversity problem.

Raillan Brooks: #MyBlackTeacher is About the Black Lives That Matter to You

December 2014

When you know us, it’s harder to kill us.

Blackness as the Second Person

November 2014

The National Book Award finalist on chronicling everyday racism, the violence inherent in language, and the continuum from Rodney King to Michael Brown.

Divine Acquisition

October 2014

American Empires: The scholar of African-American religion on black megachurches and the marketability of the American Dream.

Lyzette Wanzer: Twisted

August 2014

What if her braids / dreads / curls could talk?

Jess Row: Native Sons

August 2014

A straight white American man on loving James Baldwin and learning to write about race.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: Segregation Now

July 2014

A federal judge in Alabama says a local school board has failed to meet the legal mandate to integrate.

Scenes From a Life in Negroland

June 2014

We knew what was expected of us. Negro privilege had to be circumspect: impeccable but not arrogant; confident yet obliging; dignified, not intrusive.

Ghosts in the Land of Plenty

June 2014

I always seek out the maids. I always want to help the janitors sweep. My wife says I have a Jesus complex. What I have is a class issue.

Talking Clean and Acting Dirty

June 2014

The “father of environmental justice” on the politics of protection and vulnerability.

Hey Mama

March 2014

A black mother and her son talk about language and love in the South.

Walking With the Wind

March 2014

The Alabama-based lawyer on who we talk about when we talk about the Old South and how his project to locate and mark the sites of slave markets speaks the language of Southern history.

Art is a Problem

December 2013

Joshua Decter grapples with art’s inherent contradictions; the Los Angeles race riots; and a contemporary artist’s social allegories in response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Art is a Problem.

Jay Walljasper: Are Bike Lanes a White Thing?

October 2013

The future of bike lanes in African-American neighborhoods.

The Effects of the Rio Grande Valley on a Scholarship Boy

September 2013

Revisiting Brownsville, Texas.

No Mercy in Motion

September 2013

Five fucking years, I thought. This is what my brother’s life is worth in Mississippi. Five years.

Untold Stories

July 2013

New York Times bestseller Julia Scheeres discusses racial utopias, the mass "suicide" in Jonestown in 1978, and coming of age in an abusive Christian reform school.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: Affirmative Action Refocused

June 2013

Following the Fisher v. University of Texas ruling, some call for class-based affirmative action. However, critics warn that may be the end of black and Latino representation in American colleges.

Jaswinder Bolina: Avoiding the Obvious

June 2013

Poet Jaswinder Bolina discusses writing about race, the process of being translated, and more.

You Are The Second Person

June 2013

You wondered out loud what writing “multiculturally” actually meant and what kind of black man would write the word “bro” in an email.

A Clear Presence

June 2013

When I heard that Rodney King had died, two details in particular stuck out to me. One was that he died in a swimming pool. The other was that, earlier that day, somebody had heard him scream.

A Long Time to Change

June 2013

The former Black Panther on coming of age in the party, ongoing police brutality, and her recent memoir turned novel, Virgin Soul.

The Forgetting Tree

June 2013

What kind of person walks over the bones of slaves? / What kind of person is a slave to bones?

Editors’ Picks: Reading About Race

June 2013

Guernica's staff brings you their favorite writing on race, in America and beyond.

Zahir Janmohamed: Writer of Color

June 2013

On being asked to speak for a whole community and region rather than yourself.

A Question of Faith

May 2013

The debut novelist on the Great Migration and nation-building, conflations of race and class, and her “belief in belief."

Colson Whitehead: Each Book An Antidote

April 2013

Colson Whitehead on labels in literature, wearing genre drag, and getting lost in New York.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: Another Race Case for a Hostile Supreme Court

March 2013

The court might well have opted to undo the fabric of race-conscious laws and policies thread by thread.

Lauren A. White: How To Be The Black Person Reading How To Be Black

March 2013

Reading Baratunde Thurston’s satirical memoir on public transportation turns into a social experiment.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: A Colorblind Constitution

March 2013

What Abigail Fisher’s affirmative action case is really about.

Re-imagining Dissent

March 2013

The Nation columnist and law professor on dissent, privatization, and the future of racial equity.

Lucy McKeon: Django and Jefferson

February 2013

Two figures challenge simple ways of thinking about slavery and agency.

Nick Shapiro: Dreamscapes of Dispossession

February 2013

What does the Southern Wild say about the tame north and the new New Orleans?

Barbara J. Miner: The Meaning of Choice

February 2013

What Milwaukee, home of the nation’s oldest school voucher system, can teach us about desegregation, measuring school success, and decoding the rhetoric of “school choice.”

From Whence I Came

October 2012

A White American goes to Cameroon in search of his past.

Intimate Space

October 2012

Kelly K. Jones’s work explores the boundary between documentary and conceptual ways of image making.

South L.A., Twenty Years Later

April 2012

What the riots wrought.

Gray Area

April 2012

A transracial adoption teaches our writer that issues of race in the U.S. are anything but black and white.