Tag: racism

Will McGrath: The Noose in Hentiesbaai

December 2015

Apartheid, Germans, and genocide in Namibia

Katrina Woznicki: Can the Arts Provide What Schools Can’t?

December 2015

Artists and community organizers discuss racial segregation, social justice, and filling in the gaps of our public school system.

Larissa Pham: The Architecture of Racism at Yale University

November 2015

What it’s really like to be a student of color in the Ivy league.

Gabriella Ekman: Does Europe Really Have a Refugee Crisis?

October 2015

Europe has the capacity to receive refugees, they just don't want to.

Jennifer S. Cheng: What’s In A Name

September 2015

The appropriation of Michael Derrick Hudson as “Yi-Fen Chou”.

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy: The South Doesn’t Have a Monopoly on our Racist History

July 2015

We should take down the Confederate flag, but racism has always been and continues to be a national issue. A case study of Crandall v. State before the Connecticut Supreme Court in 1834 serves as a prime example.

Rob Spillman: Satire and Macro-Aggressions

March 2015

Readpolitik: Paul Beatty’s The Sellout skewers the idea of “post-racial” society.

Wayétu Moore: The Evolution of Bernice

January 2015

Being an immigrant made me feel different, but it was the color of my skin that marked me as suspect.

Raillan Brooks: #MyBlackTeacher is About the Black Lives That Matter to You

December 2014

When you know us, it’s harder to kill us.

Janee Woods: A Different Kind of Justice

December 2014

Punitive justice won't bring back Michael Brown--or Eric Garner or Tamir Rice or Trayvon Martin or John Crawford. Why unraveling systemic racism starts with communities, not courts.

The Everyday Extraordinary

December 2014

The poet and curator on expanding autobiography, the importance of elegy, and the centrality of blues to experience.

Andrew Johnson: On Impunity

November 2014

I’ve always been given the benefit of the doubt.

Rob Spillman: Yes, It’s about Racism

November 2014

Readpolitik: On Claudia Rankine’s polemical poetry.

Mitchell S. Jackson: How To Catch a Racist, the Donald Sterling Edition

May 2014

Who decides the worth of black men in America?

Robert Reich: America’s “We” Problem

February 2014

The growing divide that’s eroding our sense of mutual responsibility.

On the Rights and Privileges of Being an Alien

January 2014

A writer and mother learns what it means to be foreign and dark-skinned in the United States.

Brothers Writing to Live: A Statement on the Reclamation of All Black Life

July 2013

For Trayvon, Marissa, and Jordan.

Ikhide Ikheloa: Notes from my Middle Passage

June 2013

Nothing could prepare me for America.

Robert Reich: The Xenophobe Party

April 2013

Can we just get a grip? Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a naturalized American citizen.


April 2013

Not much ever happened in Blaustein, but, even if it did, I would still remember the words she said, because it was the first time I’d heard them used, and their meaning, the parentheses they opened in my German existence every time someone used them, shocked me and made me feel like an intruder.

Meaghan Winter: Walking While Furtive

March 2013

A look inside the courtroom on the opening day of Floyd v. NYC, the class-action lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.

Barbara J. Miner: The Meaning of Choice

February 2013

What Milwaukee, home of the nation’s oldest school voucher system, can teach us about desegregation, measuring school success, and decoding the rhetoric of “school choice.”

Sasha Houston Brown: Nothing Says Native American Like White Stars in Headdresses

December 2012

How American Indian identity is reflected in pop culture.

Rachel Riederer: How the Million Hoodies March Quells Our Unreasonable Fears

March 2012

Hoodiephobia is real, irrational, racial—and that’s why the Million Hoodies March is so important.

On the Fly: Belva Davis

August 2011 Broadcast journalist Belva Davis on her family’s move from Louisiana to Oakland, California, her new memoir, and becoming the first female African American television reporter on the West Coast.