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Randa Jarrar: A Sailor

April 2013

Flash Fiction: Her husband wants to know what she had in common with the Turkish sailor.

Guernica/PEN Flash Series

April 2013

A partnership with PEN American Center

Randa Jarrar: Imagining Myself in Palestine

May 2012

On a recent trip to Israel, Randa Jarrar gets detained, denied entry, and sent to the "Arab Room."

East Beirut, 1978

June 2011 “Self,” she queried, “should we just kill him and be done?” She smoked, exhaling through her nose like a dragon.

From Alienation to Belonging

June 2011

What themes preoccupy these five Arab-American writers? Body image, war, sex, and pizza. Arab-American literature is American literature, says our guest editor Randa Jarrar.

The Oracle

June 2011

I was like the oracle of fatness all of a sudden.

The Bastard of Salinas

June 2011 “Better to believe that you come from two happy parents.”

Secret Boyfriend

June 2011 The year we went to the Camps, my sister Leila was eighteen years old and had just begun her secret affair with Sammy.

Girls on Ice

June 2011

I was in the bathroom stall at the Armenian chicken place in Anaheim when I overheard Sarah say to her even more annoying friend Abeer at the mirror, where they were both putting on gobs of makeup, “I’m just going to kill myself, habibti, if I don’t make the triple axel at the championships next month.”

Him, Me, Muhammad Ali

By Randa Jarrar
June 2010
He drank bourbon out of an unpacked glass, and talked about a photograph of him, me when I was a baby, and Muhammad Ali. “I have no idea where it is now,” he said.