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Jesse Pearson: Accidental Curation

August 2013

The founding editor of Apology talks with Rebecca Bates about the trouble with lit mags, defining pornography, responding to book-hype, and avoiding becoming a weird old man.

Rebecca Bates: Anne Carson’s Collapse of History

July 2012

The author's Antigonick is an affecting interpretation of Sophocles' classic.

Rebecca Bates: A Critique of War, An “Orgy of Death”

February 2012
  Artist Adel Abdessemed presents a brutal commentary on violence and spectatorship.

Rebecca Bates: I Ran Away From Home and All I Got Was This Lousy Deportation

January 2012
 A Dallas teen missing since 2010 turns up in Colombia, where she was deported after a mistaken identity.

Dario Robleto: Best 2011 Art Show NYers Won’t See

December 2011
  The Texas-based artist’s solo exhibition at the Des Moines Art Center confronts human-induced extinction.

Rebecca Bates: 101 Ways to Be Impossible

November 2011
 The Impossible Project gets crafty with instant film.

Rebecca Bates: Comic Con Tales from Behind the Booth

October 2011
 Glimpses into adult Halloween, where delusion is (more than) a costume you wear as second skin and candy is JJ Abrams’s used napkin.

Rebecca Bates: Mr. McKibben Goes to Washington: The Final Anti-Tar Sands Pipeline Rally

September 2011
 These days it seems you can’t be a real environmentalist without a rap sheet… but to what avail?

Guernica Contributors Win Big at PEN Literary Awards

August 2011
 Congrats to Guernica contributors Adam Day, Elliott Holt, and Ishion Hutchinson and Guernica interviewee Stacy Schiff. We’re not surprised you all won.

Rebecca Bates: Soul Selling on Ebay

August 2011
 Science fiction writer Philip K. Dick’s notated Bible is for sale on Ebay, because we all deserve to get a voyeuristic glimpse into someone else’s serious religious crisis.

Rebecca Bates: Food Becomes Bad Porn

August 2011
  La Figa: Visions of Food and Form is about “eating well and making love and creating art.” Also, it’s bad.

Rebecca Bates: UN Calls for Release of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and His Wife

August 2011
 Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was imprisoned in 2008 for “inciting subversion” against the motherland. His wife has been under house arrest since 2010. Now the UN has declared their arrests illegal.

Rebecca Bates: The Writerly Insecurities of Ben Mirov (And How They Are Not a Gimmick)

July 2011
 In the best way, reading Ben Mirov’s Vortexts is like perpetually trying to recover one’s train of thought mid-sentence but always failing.

Rebecca Bates: A File Sharing Program That Proves the Cliché

June 2011
 What we discover when we sift through digital refuse.

Rebecca Bates: Pakistan’s Growing Blasphemy Fever

March 2011
 Recently in Karachi, the previously unheard of Movement for the Protection of the Invitation to Islam posted banners encouraging the murder of author Tehmina Durrani.

Rebecca Bates: The One Where Daniel Ellsberg Gets Arrested

March 2011
 The 79 year-old Guernica interviewee who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times was arrested at a rally for Bradley Manning.

Rebecca Bates: In Which the U.S. Military Uses Psychological Warfare Tricks on Americans

February 2011
 According to Rolling Stone, the U.S. military is getting desperate—that is, desperate enough to try and dupe unwitting senators into giving them more money.

Rebecca Bates: The Many Faces of the AWP Attendee

February 2011
 The AWP conference is over, and we are all happy to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. But just in case you didn’t get to spend a lot of time gawking at others, here’s a small people-watching checklist, complete with (not-so-covertly taken) photos.

Rebecca Bates: The Blog that Cried Misogyny

January 2011
 Why the Ms. Magazine blog’s attempt at proving Jared Loughner acted predominantly out of hate for women is a bit…misguided.

Rebecca Bates: The ALA Reminds Us Why We Kind of Need the First Amendment

January 2011
 The American Library Association has proven that at least they have their shit together by taking a positive stand on the public’s right to government “transparency” and an “access to information.”

Rebecca Bates: On “Drowning the Dolls” or How I Am Clearly a Stooge of the Patriarchy

January 2011
 Sure, art is supposed to make us a little uncomfortable. But the “Drowning the Dolls” project, in which an artist paints “drowning” Barbie Dolls, may only be perpetuating bad vibes.

Rebecca Bates: Q&A with J. Malcolm Garcia

January 2011
 The writer of “Bed 18”, one of this issue’s features, talks about reporting on self-immolation in a country where years of war and poverty have made grief and suffering “so common that loss no longer evokes shock.”

Rebecca Bates: On James Franco’s Palo Alto

December 2010
 James Franco’s Palo Alto is a good way to pass the time on that long stretch on the D train between 125th St. and Columbus Circle. But it’s probably not canon worthy.

Rebecca Bates: Q&A with Wuer Kaixi

November 2010
 When Wuer Kaixi was twenty-one years old, he became known the world over as the student who scolded Premier Li Peng while wearing a hospital gown in Tiananmen Square. Here, he speaks about the Chinese government’s treatment of Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize and the mode of appeasement that has dictated the international community’s relationship with China since Tiananmen.

Event: Turning Tides: A Symposium on Diasporic Literatures

November 2010
 Tomorrow, November 6th, Fordham University at Lincoln Center is hosting Turning Tides: A Symposium on Diasporic Literatures, a creative and scholarly conference that will highlight three different legacies of diaspora in the United States: Haiti, The Philippines and Puerto Rico.

Rebecca Bates: How Diverse is Guernica?

November 2010 After the success of our post on gender diversity here at Guernica Mag, we thought it only fitting to inspect where we stand on other forms of diversity.

Rebecca Bates: Guernica and the Gender Debate

September 2010 In the wake of Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Weiner’s beef with the New York Times over their star treatment of Franzen’s Freedom, we at Guernica Mag decided to review our own stats to see how we stack up in the male-female literary battle.

Rebecca Bates: Q&A with Tim Hetherington, Co-Director of Restrepo

September 2010

In response to Nick Turse’s critique of his recent war documentary Restrepo, Hetherington fires back: “I think his opinion of what needs to be said about the war has clouded his viewing of the film.”

Rec Room: Rebecca Bates: Lucinella

August 2010 The fear of anonymity and oblivion keeps this novella by Lore Segal fresh and timely.

Rebecca Bates: The Daily Show’s (Nonexistent) Woman Problem

July 2010 Jezebel’s accusation of sexism on the set of The Daily Show relies heavily on the sour feelings of fired employees, ironically depriving the women of the show a voice.

Rec Room: Rebecca Bates: Graphomania, Blogs, and Masturb8tion

July 2010 Our world is saturated with blogs. They’re easy to start, even easier to abandon, and are often as insular as a wall of mirrors.

Rebecca Bates: Q&A with Bill Clegg, Author of Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man

June 2010

“There was still a residual paranoia and I could not tell what was real and what was delusional…[Death] is there. It’s fundamentally always there, not as a fixation or believed-in solution but a drift, a tendency.”

Rec Room: Rebecca Bates: Literature and Cinematography

June 2010 “We live in a poor and enclosed world. We do not feel the world in which we live”…and we should.

Rec Room: Rebecca Bates: A Common Pornography

May 2010 An exercise in mourning.